‘Gain’ definition
How much a circut amplifies a signal
Name the 3 Common Types of ‘Reverb’
Sound is limited by which two things?
Medium of travel
Aparatus that generates
What is the speed of sound?
340.29 m/s
What does ‘MIDI’ stand for?
Musical instrument digital interface
What does a ‘transducer’ do?
Changes 1 form of energy to another.
E.g. Microphone & speaker
Define ‘Reverb’
Acoustic ambience (echo) created in a confined space
What is a “Q”
Bandwidth of the frequency to be modified
What does ‘Digital Convergance’ mean?
Seperate media becomes digital & is shared globaly
Define ‘Fader’
Straight line audio volume control.
What type of tone is a ‘sine wave’?
Pure tone.
Define ‘mixing’
The art of adjusting volume, pan positions and effects applications of a songs tracks so each sound wave sits on its own space in the sonic spectrum.
What is the ‘Audio spectrum’
Human hearing range (20Hz –> 20kHz)
What is ‘Unity Gain’
0Db, input & output through control are equal.
What are the two main types of microphones? And what one is powered?
Dynamic, condenser (powered)
What is pitch
The perceived frequency heard.
What is frequency measured in?
And what does 1 Hz mean?
And what does and increase in Hz do to the sound?
1 cycle per second.
Increases the pitch
Why should we know the frequency ranges of instruments when mixing?
Adjust EQ
Stop clashing
Give the instruments their own space.
Esentuate good mixes
Create artificial sounds within the mix.
What does an Oscillator do?
Creates sound waves.
What gives each sound its tonal colouring (characteristics)
What are the 4 components of ADSR
What is an Envelope generator?
The ADSR controller that makes the sound
What does Additive synthesis mean?
Combining sine waves to form new sounds.