Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Protocol (2)
an agreed upon manner or method of communicating
a device for generating data that can be used to control another MIDI device
MIDI message
information sent from one MIDI device to another containing instructions
the primary controller in a MIDI set-up
a MIDI device that receives data from a master controller
Note on
a MIDI message indicating that a specific note is to be turned on
Note off
a MIDI message indicating that a specific note is to be turned off
a measure of how fast a key has been pressed: a volume measurement for that particular note
a synthesized or sampled instrument or timbre
Program change
an instruction that will change the patch being played on a channel
a software program or hardware device that can record and play back performance data
General MIDI
a standardized specification for MIDI devices defining available timbres and channels
General MIDI sound set
a standardized collection of 128 timbres for use in General MIDI
restricting the use of particular MIDI key numbers or channels to specific patches
assigning a specific response or patch to specific MIDI key numbers
MIDI messages caused by changes of pressure to a clavier key after it has been depressed
Virtual Instrument
an instrument that exists in software form only, controlled by hardware or software interfaces or controllers
Clavier keyboard
a keyboard resembling a piano or organ keyboard, as opposed to a keyboard on a computer