Franz Peter Schubert

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Birth Dates

Lived in Vienne during later part of Beethoven’s life
Franz Peter Schubert

Franz Schubert


What music era?

Romantic Era

(first important composer of time)

How many art songs did Schubert write?
over 600
How many symphonies did Schubert write?
8 Symphonies
German artsong was VERY important in what era?
Romantic Era
Whats a song cycle?

groups of songs that are connected in some way

ex. all deal with same story,

or all use texts by a single author

Die Schone Mullerin(The Miller’s Daughter), Winterriese, and Schwanengesang are examples of what?
song cycles
Who wrote the song cycles Die Schone Mullerin, Winterriese, and Schwanengesang?
Franz Peter Schubert
Schubert’s artsongs contain consist of?
a lot of description, telling stories, and are poignant (full of feeling and emotion)
Schubert used what instrument primarily to add the story telling of his songs?
Die Forelle was written by who?
Franz Schubert
What does Die Forelle mean?
The Trout
What piece is Die Forelle(the trout) from?

Die Schone Mullerin

(The Miller’s Daughter)

What is the story in Die Schone Mullerin?
about a fisherman and a fish with a very wavy piano accompaniment
Schubert’s song “Death and the Maiden” was re-casted for what type of ensemble?
string quartet
Schubert’s “The Trout” was re-cast for what instruments/ensemble?
piano and strings
Who wrote Die Erlkonig (the elfking)?
Franz Schubert
What does Die Erlkonig mean?
The Elfking
When was Die Erlkonig written and by whom?
written in 1815 by Franz Schubert
How old was Schubert when he wrote The Elfking?
What are the four characters used in The Elfking?
the narrator, the father, the son, and the elfking
How can you distinguish between the four characters in Schubert’s The Elfking?
the are all given differing vocal ranges, each have differing melody/accomp
How does Schubert use music to describe the story in The Elfking?
he uses different harmonies, vocal ranges, major key vs. minor key
Who wrote the text for Schubert’s The Erlkonig?

Johann Von Goethe

(a great German Romantic author)

What is through-composed?
means that each verse is given a different melody
Is The Erlkonig Through-composed?
What are Robert Schumann’s Birth dates?
What did Schumann start out as in music before he became a composer?
he was a prodigious pianist aspiring to be a professional performer
Why did Schumann not continue on to be a professional pianist?
because of a hand injury which ended his career
After Schumanns injury, what did he begin to focus on?
composing and editing a music journal
What was the name of the music journal Schumann edited?

The Journal For New Music

(Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik)

When did Schumann found The Journal For New Music?


(still published today)

Schumann is known as a ______ composer.
Schumann was an important catalyst for many 19th century composers, who are some of those composers?
Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, and Johannes Brahms
What is Schumann most known for?
his artsongs, piano music, symphonies, and chamber music
How many symphonies did Schumann write?
Schumann wrote two song cycles, what are their names?
Dichterliebe and Frauenliebe und Leben
Schumann’s early works are primarily for what instrument?
Who wrote Carnaval?
Robert Schumann
What is Carnaval?
a cycle of short , discriptive pieces for piano
Who did Schumann fall in love with in 1834?

Clara Wieck

(a piano virtuoso)

How old was Clara when Schumann fell in love with her?
When was Schumann able to marry Clara?
in 1840 when she was 21
What were the two names Schumann wrote under in The Journal for New Music?
Eusebius and Florestan
What kind of character was Eusebius?
tender, dreamy, pensive, and melancholy
What kind of character was Florestan?
impetuous and fiery
If Schumann didn’t like a piece he would write under which name?
If Schumann really liked a piece he would write under which name?
In Schumann’s Carnaval piece, how many characters are present?
18-20 characters that are set at a masked ball 
Schumann’s imaginative personality may have attributed to his demise, what is do people think he suffered from?
mulitple personalities disorder
What year did Schumann attempt suicide?
After Schumann’s attempt at suicide, where did he go and how long was he there for?

asylum and was there from 1854-1856


Schubert liked to use contrast of ideas in his text, what did Schumann like to use?
romantic irony
Shcumann used irregular phrasing and harmonic overlapping in his songs, what did Schubert use?
clear sectional division and regular phrasing
Did Schumann or Schubert like motivic unity?
Which composer liked expressive harmonies, NCT’s, and syncopation?
What type of harmonic progression did Schumann use?
tonal ambiguity and linear bass lines
What type of harmonic progression did Schubert use?
mode change, clear tonics, and diatonic key relations
Schubert liked to use what type of accompaniment?
subordinate to voice and motivically descriptive
Schumann liked to use what type of accompaniment?
independent-interludes, countermelodies,and lack of resolution of vocal lines
Who wrote Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai (In the Wonderfully Lovely Month of May)?
What does Im Wundershonen Monat Mai mean?
In the Wonderfully Lovely Month of May
What is Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai from?
When was Dichterliebe composed and by who?
1840 by Schumann
Who is the author for Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai?

Heinrich Heine

(famous German Romantic author)

Harmony is unresolved until when for the Dichterliebe song cycle?
the beginning of the next song in the cycle
What are Hector Berlioz’s birth dates?
What kind of composer was Berlioz?
French composer of the Romantic Era
Who wrote Symphonie Fantasique?
When was Symphonie Fantastique written by Berlioz?
When was Symphonie Fantastic revised?
What did the program notes for Symphonie Fantastique include?
tells the story of the composer’s opium-induced dream of himself and his love interest
Who was the the actress that Berlioz was in love with but never in a relationship with?
Harriet Smithson
In Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz, he wrotea specific theme to represent who?
Harriet Smithson the actress he had feelings for
Berlioz told the story of himself and Harriet Smithson in the movements of what piece?
Symphonie Fantastique written in 1830 revised in 1833
Movement I of Symphonie Fantastique tells of Berlioz’s ______.
Movement II of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique tells the story of ____________________.
him and Harriet Smithson at a ball together
Movement III of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique tells a story in the ______.
Movement IV and V of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique the music takes a dark turn, What is being told in these movements?

IV/V- he dreams of an opium overdose and that he has killed his lover


What is the title of movement V of Symphonie Fantastique?
Dream of a Witches’ Sabbath
What does Idee Fixe mean?
fixed idea
Who uses fixed idea in one of his pieces?
What is fixed idea?
a melody that is used in each movement that makes a cyclic work
What does Berlioz use in movement V of Symphonie Fantastique?
13th Century plainchant from a requiem mass
When did Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) come into prominence in Symphonie Fantastique?
in the revision (1833)
Berlioz’s Treatise on Orchestration occured in what year?
1834 and was used exculsively for more than 100 yrs
What are the birth dates of Frederic Chopin?
Where was Chopin born?
Where did Chopin live?
Every piece Chopin wrote included what instrument?
What era did Chopin live during?
Romantic Era
Who infused functional (hierarchic) progressions with linear progressions?
What is functional progressions infused with linear progressions intail?
abandonment of functionality for harmonies organized by sequential processes
What are the two piano genres that Chopin wrote?
the Mazurka and the Nocturne
What is a Mazurka?

a stylized Polish dance

*triple meter

*ABA form

*beat 2 emphasis

*first chord Dominant

*regular Phrasing

What is a Nocturne?

a “night piece” with striking typical traits

*wide-ranging arpeggiated left hand

*very florid (highly embellished) melody

*very slow harmonic rhythm (rate of harmonic change)

What are Modest Mussorgsky’s birth dates?
What kind of composer was Mussorgsky?
What group of composers was Mussorgsky apart of?
the Mighty Five
What did the Might Five do?
impacted the 19th centruy with a movement called Nationalism
Who were the Mighty Five?

*Modest Mussorgsky

*Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

*Cesar Cui

*Mily Balakirev

*Alexander Borodin

What is Nationalism?
music that is particulary descriptive/laudatory of one’s homeland
Who wrote Pictures at an Exhibition?
When was Pictures at an Exhibition written?
1874 as a tribute to one of Mussorgsky’s friends Victor Hartmann
Who was Victor Harmann?
Mussorgsky’s friend and an artist
What is promenade?
a recurring theme meant to depict a person’s act of walking from pice to piece in an exhibition hall
How many movements are in Pictures at an Exhibition?
What did Maurice Ravel do in 1922 with Mussorgsky’s music?
made a transcription of the original piano parts for orchestra;
What are Johannes Brahms’s birth dates?
Who helped further Brahms’s career?
Robert and Clara Schumann
What were the two differing groups of composers during Brahms’s time? who was preoccupied with heightened chromaticism and progress

2. group who was more traditional

Which group did Brahms belong to?
the traditional group
Who were the composers of each group?

non-traditional group:Wagner,Liszt,Mahler,Debussy

traditional group:Brahms,Bruckner,Dvorak,etc.

Who wrote A German Requiem in 1864?
When did Brahms’s parents get divorced?
When did Brahms’s mother die?
How was Brahms’s Requiem different than most that had a conotation of “terror of death”?

*German Text over Latin

*Biblical text over Tradtional liturgical texts

*Protestant ideas of hope and consolation


What are some of Brahms’s compositional styles?


*counterpoint-imatation,equality of voice

*subtle key shifts

*unifying melodies and motives

*text painting-“for my soul longs and faints for the lord” and “my soul and body cries out”