What are the three uses of a first inversion chord?
bass arpeggiation, substitution for a root position chord, and parallel sixths
What note should never be doubled?
leading tone
What note is raised in a minor key?
leading tone
Can inverted chords have any of the triad missing?
Second inversions are similar to first inversions except that second inversions can’t…
act as a substitute for root position chords
What is the dissonant note above the bass if it is a second inversion chord?
a P4 above
What are the four uses of a second inversion chord?
bass arpeggiation, cadential 6-4, passing 6-4, pedal 6-4
The cadential 6-4 chord usually precedes what root position triad?
Does a cadential 6-4 occur on a strong or weak beat?
strong, resolves on weak
What is the progression of a cadential 6-4?
I6-4 to V
What do two upper voices usually do in a cadential 6-4?
moves in parallel 3rds or 6ths
What note is usually doubled in a cadential 6-4?
What are the two options and one no-no for an approach to dissonance in a cadential 6-4?
approach with a common tone or by step, but NOT by a leap
How do you resolved the dissonant note in a cadential 6-4 chord?
by step, 4 to 3
What is commonly seen in the bass when the cadential 6-4 resolves to V?
an octave drop
What good soprano patterns go with the cadential 6-4 progression I6-4 to V to I (5-5-1)?
3-2-1 or 1-7-1
What use of a 6-4 chord is found in a 3-note stepwise bass pattern?
passing 6-4
What use of the 6-4 chord is non-functional and is put in parenthesis?
passing 6-4
What are the three most common types of passing 6-4 chord progressions?
I to (V6-4) to I6…I6 to (V6-4) to I…IV6 to (I6-4) to ii6
In a passing 6-4 progression with a bass of 1-2-3, what two soprano patterns could be used?
3-2-1 or 1-7-1
In a passing 6-4 progression with a bass of 6-5-4, what soprano pattern could be used?
If you have a passing 6-4 chord progression of IV6 to (I6-4) to ii6, what should the outer voices do?
parallel 6ths
What is the chord progression of a pedal 6-4?
I to IV6-4 to I
What are two key aspects of the bass line in a pedal 6-4?
the bass doesn’t move and is normally doubled
What do the upper tones usually do in a pedal 6-4?
move in parallel 3rds or 6ths
A perfect authentic cadence can only have what in the bass?
What soprano voice goes with 5-1 in a PAC?
2-1 or 7-1
What is the progression of a deceptive cadence?
V to vi
What should you always double in a deceptive cadence?
the third
What is the progression of a Phrygian cadence?
What is a good soprano for a deceptive cadence (5-6)?
2-1 or 7-1
What is a good soprano for a Phrygian cadence (6-5)?
What is it best to double in a Phrygian cadence?
the third above the bass in the iv6 chord
A perfect authentic cadence (PAC) is…
V to I with 1 in the soprano above the I chord
An imperfect authentic cadence (IAC) is…
V to I but 1 is not in the soprano
If in a V-I progression one of the chords is inverted, this is called…
inverted IAC
If a vii diminished chord substitutes for V in a V-I…
leading tone IAC
A half cadence always ends on…
A plagal cadence is…
A suspension always resolves up or down?
How do you get the numbers for a suspension?
interval between bass note and suspended note
Is the resolved note in a suspension allowed to be present in another voice?
How do you suspend an upper voice?
1) find a place where it moves down by step 2) 2nd note must be 3, 6, or 8 above bass 3) then delay upper voice
How do you suspend a bass note?
1) find a step down in bass 2) 2nd note must create a 3rd with upper voice 3) then 2-3 will work