Adjacent Keys
Two keys with consecutive numbers
Semitone (Half-Step)
The distance between two notes played on adjacent keys is one semitone
Diatonic Semitone (DST)
One note is written on a line, the other on an adjacent space
Chromatic Semitone (CST)
Both notes are written on the same space or line
Whole Tone (Whole-Step)
Two semitones make a whole tone
Major Scale
The major scale has eight notes that are in solfege as


Scale Degree
The number in which a note in the major scale is assigned according to its position
A verbal representation of music using syllables such as
Caret ^
Is a symbol for scale degree
The first note in the scale
Scale Spelling
The ability to say a scale given to you including all sharps and/or flats.
Chord Spelling
The ability to say a chords notes including all sharp notes and/or flat notes
Refers to the patterns of duration and accent of musical sounds moving through time
All musical sounds have a duration
Note Value
The duration of a musical sound
Whole Note
A whole note divides into 2 half notes 4 quarter notes
Half Note
Divides into 2 quarter notes
Quarter Note
Divides into 2 eight notes
Eigth Note
Divides into 2 16ths