Orvon Gene Autry

The Singing Cowboy

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radio, TV, and movie performer

Huddie William Ledbetter


Good Night Irene

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie
This Land Is Your Land
Pete Seeger

The Weavers

Sung Leadbelly’s Good Night Irene

Bluegrass Music

English, Irish, Scottish

genre came from Bluegrass Boys

William Smith (Bill) Monroe
Father Of Bluegrass
Merle Robert Travis

country and western singer sung about coal mining


Earl Eugene Scruggs
Developed 3 Finger Picking Style
Lester Raymond Flatt

Developed the Flatt picking style

did theme song for Beverly Hillbillies

Earnest; Dale Tubb

Texas Trubador

Walking the floor over you

Honky Tonk Music

originally called hillbilly music

features fiddle string bass and steel guitar

William Orville ‘Lefty’ Frizzell

Leading Exponent to honky tonk music

relaxed singing voice

Kitty Wells

Queen of Country Music

Hiram Hank Williams
Icon of country music
King Biscuit Time

Longest running radio show

played african-american music

Host was Sunny Sunshine Payne

Pinetop Perkins

Boogie Woogie Blues

played the piano

Rilley B. King ;B.B. King;

guitar named lucille

sang the thrill is gone

Chester Arthuer Burnett

Howling Wolf

6;6′ 300 lbs

Elvis Presley
king of rock n roll
Bascum Lamar Lusfor

mesntrol of the applachian

created the first folk festival

to raise money and promote folk music

John Avery Lomax
created the first catalog of music at library of congress
study of music
one who studies music
Field Study

musicologist goes to the source for study and recording purposes


study of people making music in a cultural context
Fisk Jubulie Singers

Fisk University in Nashville, TN

sang spirituals to raise money for college

The Menstrol Show

American entertainment consisting of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music performed by white people in black face
sacred harp
shape note singing
Mammie Smith
Recorded the first blues song
Bessie Smith
most popular blues singer in 1920’s and 30’s

Ralph Peer

Created the Bristol Sessions
Hillbilly Music
pejoritive term for one who lives in remote areas
Fiddlin’ John Carson
recorded the first song to be broadcasted on radio and to be played on a phonograph
Carter Family

Group that had a huge impact on the U.S. folk revival of the 1960’s and left a great catalog of country music

James Charles "Jimmie" Rodgers

first country music superstar

called the blue yodler

Delta Blues
originated in the Mississippi delta on the Yazoo River includes steel guitar and harmonica
Eddie James House Jr.

Sun House

influence delta blues

Grand Ole Opry
weekly saturday night country music radio show
Honky Tonk
type of bar that plays country music
Uncle Dave Macon
American Farmer, banjo player, singer, song writer, and comedian, played at Grand Ole Opry at 56
DeFord Bailey
Early country music star and first african american to perform at Grand Ole Opry was a harmonica player
Georgia Tom

lost money in great depression

merged jazz and the blues with christian hymns

original name Thomas Dorsey

Father of Black Gospel

James Robert (Bob) Wills
creater of the bakersfield sound from california