HyperText Markup Language; a protocol for describing the structure and layout of web pages
a type of database where text, images, sound, programs, and so forth can be linked or connected to each other
Markup language
a method of annotating and specifying the layout and style of text in a file
e.g. HTML
a word, phrase or image that connects to another webpage or another section of the same webpage
firstsection of an HTML document containing information about the title, style sheets and scripts
the section of the HTML document that holds the markup text with the visible content
a series of sequential commands that could be carried out by a computer user but which are automated.
to convert human-readable text (words and math symbols) into machine language or binary code for use by a computer system
scripted language
a computer language that makes use of scripts
compiled language
a computer language that must be complied in order for the software to run
style sheet
a set of rules defining the style of a wev document’s fonts, sizes, dimensions, calues and structure
Cascading Style Sheets: a style sheet language that describes how a web document appears (deals with appearence, not actual HTML content)