presentation software
software desgined to display projected images, text, audio and video under the control of a presenter
presentation mode
a mode of presentation in which the presenter controls when slides change
slideshow mode
a mode of presentation in which the slides change after a set time
an individual page of a projected presentation
te manner in which changes of slides appear, such as crossfades, cuts, etc
movement of text, images and other presentation elements on a slide, providing emphasis or a means of moving elemnts on, around or off the slide
Powerpoint Viewer
a free download allowing computers without Powerpoint installed on them to to view, but not edit, Powerpoint presentations
Presenter View
a mode of operation in which the audience sees only the individual slides but the presenter can see the current slide, upcoming slides, presentation notes, and a timer
Macintosh equivalent of Powerpoint
Google Docs
cloud-based presentation software
cloud-based presentation software that supports tracking of and interaction by your recipients
cloud-based presentation software that supports animated presentations