Francis (Frank) Johnson
Composer/Performer/Band Leader Toured the United States and Europe. Taught private music lessons to both White and Black musicians.Highly respected he organized large integrated concerts in Philadelphia the first of their kind.
Thomas Green Wiggins ?Blind Tom?
A slave piano prodigy Toured the united states,great britain and France earning money for his owners
Harry T. Burleigh
Wrote over 300 solo art songs which were performed by many of the prominent recitalists of the day. Greatest contribution was in transforming the choral spiritual to solo performances.
James Weldon Johnson and Rosamond Johnson
Writers of popular songs and Broadway shows. ?Lift every voice and Sing?- The negro national anthem and official song of the NAACP
Harlem Boys Choir
Sang ?lift every voice and sing ?
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
french/Haitian(creole); Educated in France lived in Lousiana;virtuoso pianist; Composer ? incorporated black and creole idioms as well as black folk material; composed and sang ?Bamboula?.
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Born in England 1875; Royal college of music; numerous awards in composition; African American connection: related to poetry from African American poets ? His compositions inspired African American folk works- Many visits to America brought him in contact with African American intellectuals composers and performers. Wrote ?Danse Negre?- performed by African suite
William Grant still (Dean of African-American Composers)
Performer in theater orchestras; studio recordings for black swan records; brought vernacular black musical traits to classical music.
African- American Elements seen in Afro American symphony
Muted trumpet;jazzy rhymes; blues inflection and tonalities; 4/4 beat rhythm; simple melodies(folklike)
Harlem Renaissance
Began in the 1920s it was an African American literary and artistic movement occurring in Harlem during the 1920s and lasting until the 1930s. It involved African American intellectuals; artists; writers and philosophers who were committed to advancing the status of the African American Literary and expressive art forms by transforming vernacular traditions into ?higher? art forms.
?The New Negro?
Written in 1925 by Alain Locke an anthology containing works by period authors including Langston hughes; claude mckay; and Zora Neale Hurston.
Music of the Harlem Renaissance
Pitted Vernacular music against Art music; Vernacular included Ragtime/Blues/jazz/broadway musicals/spirituals and gospel music; Art Music Included Anthems/Opera/Symphonic Music and chamber music.
Cab Calloway
born in 1907 died in 1994; singer/bandleader/showman; ?scat? singer and published a pamphlet on ?jive talk?; wore zoot suit; Sang many songs including ?Minnie the moocher?; ?Reefer Madness ; always with his orchestra ; ?his hi-de highness of ho-de-ho-de-ho
?Jump and Jive?
performed by Cab Calloway and The Nicholas Brothers
Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington was at the forefront of the Harlem Renaissance;His Jazz Works expanded to included suites(?Black, Brown, and Beige?) ;Concerti (?concerto for cutie?); Musical Paintings(?transbluency?);Helped to usher in the new era of jazz known as swing; Performed ?Sophisticated lady?
Josephine Baker
1906- 1975; Born in St. Louis,Missouri ; Began performing on stage as a dancer/singer/comedian in traveling stage productions; appeared in ?shuffle Along?; moved to paris in the 1920s and became an international star; famous for her banana dance;
?Shuffle Along?
The most popular all black musical of the 1920s
African-American Stage Productions
African American opera; Black reviews and musical comedies;
African American Opera
1868-?Virginia?s Ball?- First Opera By an African American (John Douglass) Composer; 1889-? Leoni the gypsy queen?- First opera by an African American women( louisa mars) ; 1902- ?A Guest of Honor?- Scott Joplin
Black Reviews and Musical Comedies
Non-Minstrel musicals by African Americans appeared during the late 1800s. most were based on ?plantation themes? ; 1890?s- ?Old Kentucky Home?/ ?swanee river? and ?Uncle Tom?s cabin?.
Black Reviews and Musical Comedies(continued)
Black Vaudeville troupes traveled across the united states featuring a series of acts including solo and ensemble musical performances/ The ?Black Patti Troubadours? included the performance of artists from faust and rigolletto among others
Sissierettia Jones
1868-1933: also known as Black Patti of the Troubadours.
New York
1897- ?a Trip to Coontown (Bob Cole and Billy Johnson)?;
Bert Williams
1874-1922; minstrel shows;broadway musicals; zigfield follies 1910-1919; His signature tune became the song ?Nobody?
?Shuffle Along?
Eubie Blake;Nobel Sissle; Paul Robeson and Josephine baker; Create an Economic boom for black theater; ?I?m just wild about harry? was a song from this.
1927; unprecedented seriousness and depth: racial issues and an intricate plot; music tied to event on stage; integrated cast(white and black); had ?Ol? man River? by Paul Robeson in it.
Porgy and Bess
1935; George Gershwin(1898-1937) 38 years old; Composer of ?American in paris?; ?rhapsody in blue? and ?porgy and bess?; ?summertime? plays song Rhapsody in Blue
African-American Broadway shows
1972-?One Mo? Time?; 1975-?The Wiz?;1979- ?Eubie?; 1981-Dreamgirls; 1998-?The lion King?; 2010- ?Memphis?
Set in 1960?s Chicago; Based roughly on Motown records and the supremes; music by Henry Krieger; Book and lyrics by Tom Eyen; Won 6 Tony Awards(1982) ;major motion picture in 2006
setting, Effie is subtlety being asked to leave when she is told that she doesn?t have a costume to wear for the nights performance; She really has been replaced by a new love interest by her manager Curtis taylor played by Jamie foxx.; Effie sings ?I?m not leaving? the most dramatic song in the show portrayed by Jennifer Hudson in the movie in 2006 movie.
“Deep River” 

Has word Painting