Late-nineteenth-century movement that arose in France; the Impressionists were the first to reject photographic realism in painting, instead trying to re-create the impression that an object produces upon the senses in a single, fleeting moment.
Post Romantic
The composers of this era attempted to describe scenes and evoke moods by the use of rich harmonies and a wide palette of timbre.

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A term used to describe music that exhibits no obvious repetitions or overt musical form from beginning to end.



Thematic Transformation

Thematic transformation is a technique of where a leitmotif, or theme, is developed by changing the theme by using Permutation, Augmentation, Diminution, and Fragmentation.


Italian for “robbed,” in musical notation, an expression mark indicating that the performer may take,or steal,great liberties with the tempo.

Absolute Program

A peice of instrumental music,usually for symphony orchestra,that seeks to recreate in sound the events and emotions portrayed in some extra musical source:a story,a play,an historical event,an encounter with nature,or even a painting.


Patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.

Idee fixe


Literally a “fixed idea,” but more specifically an obsessive musical theme as first used in Hector Berlioz’s “Symphonie Fantastique”.