Totalitarian Leader of Turkmenistan from 1991 to 2006, megalomaniac, eccentric ideas and priorities destroyed Turkmenistan’s infrastructure
Two music groups that influence Turkmen music
Kazak/Kyrgyz influenced
Persian influenced – Tajik/Uzbek/Azerbaijan
Kazak influences in Turkmenistan
percussion instruments, qobuz horsehair fiddle, singing contests
Persian influence in Turkmenistan (6)
1. ghidjak spike fiddle, Arabo-Persian 2. metric patterns, 3. verse forms and 4. imagery, 5. epic singing, 6. microtonality
Bard- singer, poet, musician, links to shamanism
How does a Bagshy recieve the gift of music?
In a dream, by his patron Saint
Dessancy Baghsy
Performs entire epics, or Dessans
Tirme Bagshy
performs selected songs from epic, as well as verse
Two types of Dessan
epic-cycles, folk novels
literally journey, performance of a Dessan
Dessan accompaniment
dutar and ghijak
5 life-cycle events the Dessan is performed
1. birth of a son 2. circumcision 3. first haircut 4. weddings 5. 60th birthdays
dili tuiduk
single-reed pipe
garghy tuiduk
end-blown flute
jew’s harp
Leyli Medjnun
Turkmen opera written by Dangatar Ovezov