Trinidad had a brief slave period. What did it do to fill the role that slaves used to play?
They hired indentured workers from India and china
Trinidadian music is emotionally characterized as being….
light, playful, cheerful. Not the voice of the oppresses as in Jamaica.
What is the famous festival in Trinidad that draws in tourism from around the world? How long is it for and when?
Carnival. 2 months in length before Lent
What 2 kinds of music are used to celebrate carnival? What are its characteristics?

Mas: costumed processions through the streets

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Calypso: Afro Trinidadian topical song form

Calypso Music has lyrics that….
comment on current events. Include boasting and insults.
Who are the two most influential calypso singers? What is the name of the track where they competed against each other?

Lord Melody and Mighty Sparrow.

Picong Duel

Soca’s name is derived from what?
Soul of Calypso”
Soca is a mix of what two types of music?
Calypso and Chutney
How does soca differ from calypso?

Synths replace horns

drum machines: 4 on the floor

Bass: influence from reggae

lyrics: PARTY

Chutney music is characterized by?

Indo-Caribbean popular dance music

Influence of Indian folk songs and film music

Influence of Soca

Lyrics in Hindi and/or English


Chutney’s most famous artist?
Sundar Popo
Steel Pan music’s instrument the steel pan was originally made out of what?
55 -gallon Oil drums
Steel Pan music is used in what competition?
The national carnival competition known as Panorama.