Rhythms that occur simultaneously in two different meters, or with different starting points
Responsorial forms
Feature an exchange between a single performer’s vocal or instrumental call and a group response
A short pattern that repeats over and over; can refer to both repeating melody or rhythm
Background shimmer
A constant buzzing or rattling sound in the background of a performance gained by attaching beads, coins or other small objects to instruments
The stressed beginning of the metrical cycle
Elbow Stick
A drumstick comprised of two sticks attached at an angle, or carved from a single piece of wood that allows a player to stand behind the drum and strike the head with a solid, straight impact
Whisper Singing
Singing with a soft, breathy, almost growling tone
A wooden xylophone with gourd resonators under each rough-hewn bar
Alternation playing
A practice in which the melody is divided between different players in an ensemble
Musical bow
Consists of a single string attached to two ends of a curved stick which is plucked or struck with a stick
Bow harp
Similar to a musical bow, but with several strings instead of just one
Triangular harp
Consists of a wooden frame of two or three parts with strings strung between them
A folded piece of iron
A clapperless double iron bell
Musician who is also a “keeper of stories”
Large chordophone with twenty-one strings stretched on two sides of its bridge
Instrument that consists of twenty two metal tines arranged in three rows which are plucked
Syllables chosen for their expressive qualities but without any other meaning
Popular Nigerian band music
Musical style from Senegal that popularized innovative connections to traditional instruments, styles, and forms
Style of dance performed by workers in the diamond mines of South Africa