The Aymara are located in what regions of the Andes? How do they value music?
the highlands of Peru & Bolivia. Music is judged on how well it brings the community together. No soloists. The ensemble plays as one.
What are the musical characteristics of Aymaran music?

Singing is high-pitched

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Repetition is important ( often in 3’s )

Pentatonic based melodies

Bimodality – major + relative minor key

Rhythms and dances use syncopated duple meters

What is the name of Andean pan pipes?
What are the two types of Andeas notched-end flutes and their characteristics?

Quena – dry season, rounder looking recorder type thing;

Tarkas – wet season, triangular shaped recorder

What is the name of the Aymaran ceremonial music and what are its characteristics?


20 – 30 sikus moving in circular formation

1 wankara (bass drum) & triangle

Parallel 4ths, 5ths, and 8ths

Form: AABBCC (repeated 3xs)

What is the name of the Pan-Andean style of music?

Huayno ( or wayno )



What are the characteristis of Huayno?

– most popular song/dance genre in andes

– freely choreographed couples dance

– Mestizo aesthetic: variation & contrast; music as entertainment

– duple meter

– Form AABB

minor —–major

What is the name of the natives from Ecuador?
The Quichua
The Quichua music uses what instrument primarily? How is it played?
Diatonic harp. Using a golpe ( stick for striking harp )
What is the name of the genre of music by the Quichuans?
San Juan.
What are the characteristics of San Juan?

Performed at life functions

TUNING : Hexatonic scale


Form : A – B alterations with TRANSITIONS

not exclusive to harp but also bands

instrumental or vocal


What is the solo harp genre of San Juan called? What is it for?
Vacación. Used for mourning the death of infants.