Slavery was isolated to what Mexican state?
Mexican music is overall characterized by what two features? What instrument is primarily used all over Mexico in various forms? What type of dance?

Coplas ( rhyming 4, 5 or 10 line stanzas)

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Strophic form


Tap Dancing

Mariachi music is part of what type of son?
Son jalisciense
The mariachi ensemble includes which instruments?

2 or more violins

2 trumpets

Diatonic harp (later replace by guita) 

Guitarra de golpe

Vihuela or rasgeado ( little guitar )

Guitarron ( six string fretless bass)

Son Jalisciense is known for having what rhythmic structure?
Sequialtera meter ( 2+2+2 & 3+3)
The world’s greatest mariachi band is?
Mariachi Vargas
What is the type of son from Veracruz?
Son Jarocho
What seperates Son Jarocho from all the other types of son?

– greater improvisation

– call ; response

– rhythmic compas (short repeated section of rhythm and harmony that forms basis of song)

Son Jarocho features what instruments?


Requinto (guitar)

Jarana ( guitar)

What type of son is found in the northeastern region of Mexico?
Son Huasteco
Son huasteco features what instruments?


huapanguera ( guitar )

jarana huasteca ( guitar )

Son huasteco characteristics include:

paired vocals: use of falsetto

use of improvisation

Sesquialtera meter


Norte;o is from what region in Mexico?
North eastern region along US border
Norte;o is also known as…
Tejano Conjunto
Norte;o features what instruments?

Button accordian

Bajo sexto ( 12 string guitar)

Bass and Drums



What is the name of Norte;o’s most famous artist?
Flaco Jimenez