What two styles of Music are from Sao Luis?
Baiao & Forro
What 3 styles are from Rio De Janeiro?
Choro, Samba, Bossa Nova
What style is from Sao Paulo?
Musica Popula Brasileira. MPB
The heavily populated, humid coastal strip of Brazil contains what group of people? What is there racial descent?
Bahia. Largely of African descent

The sparsely populated droupght -prone interior of Brazil is populated by what group of people? What is their descent?


Sertao. Largely Mestizo.
Sertao Music is divided into which two genres?
Baiao and Forro
Baiao and Forro ( northeastern Brazil ) features what 3 instruments?
Accordion, triangle, and Zabumba (bass drum).
Pixinguinha is most famous for composing which style of music? Where is that music from? What time period?
Choro. From Rio de Janeiro. 1920s.
Which instruments are essential to the Choro ensemble? Which instruments are sometimes featured?

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Essential: acoustic guitar

7 string guitar



Pandeiro ( like tambourine )

Sometimes: flute, clarinet, sax, tombone, bass , etc

What is the typical song form of Choro music?
What is the biggest celebration in Brazil known as?
Where in Brazil does samba music come from?
Rio de Janeiro
What type of Samba is used in Carnaval? How are groups formed?
Samba-enredo. Formed in Samba schools ( Escolas de Samba )
Which instruments are featured in Samba-enredo?


agogo – single or multiple bell instrument

reco-reco – same as guiro

ganza- shaker

caixa- snare drum

repinique- 2 headed drum

cuica – friction drum

Surdo – large bass drum

Samba de Mesa is characterized by?

Performed seated around a table ( roda de samba )

– singing along

– hand clapping

– casual dancing

– Instrumental sitting-in must be sanctioned by players, who are proud of their expertise

Who was Bezerra da Silva?
a Sambista from the morro ( favela – hillside shantytown)
Joao Gilberto is popular for which style? Where did that style originate?
Bossa Nova. Rio de Janeiro
Bossa Nova has the following musical elements…

softer more subtle

slowed down samba rhythms

urban upper-middle class musical style

harmonically sophisticated ( influence of cool jazz)

less percussive, jazz instrumentation

Musica Popular Brasileira is from what city originally?
Sao Paulo
Name two of the most famous artists of the MPB style?
Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.
American rock music and avant-garde art influences what Brazilian style of music?
Musica Popular Brasileira