Where is Badakhshan?
Eastern Region of Tajikistan, in the Pamir Mountains

Adjacent to Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan

What is the predominant religion in Badakhashan?
They are Primarily Isma’ili Shiites
which language family do Pamir Languages derive from?
Iranian language family
Naser Khosrow
brought Isma’ili teachings to Pamir region
Isma;ilism shares mystic tendencies with __
What is one major characteristic of Isma’ilism?
focuses on inner meaning rather than outward form
Islamic mysticism, quest for union with an annihilation in God, authentic religious experience, and transcendence
muti-movement spiritual genre combining music and Persian poetry, with participatory elements, said to have healing effects
instruments accompanying Maddah
Pamiri rubab, doira; tambur, sometimes ghijak
Pamiri Rubab
critical instrument in Maddah, prayers carved into the neck. Maddahkhan mirrors melodic action of rubab
Three sections of a Maddah
munajat, hairari, setayesh
calm, free-metered first section of maddah, prayers that are often for forgiveness, call and response btwn vocal and instrumental
louder, more energetic second section of Maddah, set to narrative didactic poems. The Doira enters with a strong pulse
The third section of Maddah, variable meter, important interaction between music and poetry
type of healer, uses herbs and prayer, often works alongside hospital physicians