1960s Brazilian pop music was centered on music competitions that can be related to American Idol.

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True or False?


Baiao’s origins are in:

a) Salvador

b) Rio de Janeiro

c) Pernambuco

d) Bahia


Favelas expanded greatly in size before the abolition of slavery.

True or False?


Pixinginha was an important sax and flute plater in this Brazilian musical style.

a) Forro

b) Baiao

c) Fossa

d) Choro


Samba has numerous sub-genres.

True or False?


The biggest carnival celebration in the world can be found in this city.

a) Brasilia

b) Salvador

c) Bahia

d) Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

The Bossa Nov developed from urban middle class youth ater World War II.

True or False?



The first composition commisioned for carnial was composed by:

a) Antonio Carlos Jobim

b) Joao Gilberto

c) Chiquinha Gonzaga

d) Milton Nascimento

Chiquinha Gonzaga

The music of Brazil is a syncretization of Native, European and African culture.

True or False?


These drums look similar to Cuban congas and are usually performed in religious ceremonies.

a) atabaques

b) agogos

c) repiniques

d) pandeiros


This is a Brazilian syncretic religion that is highly influential to cultrual and musical practices.

a) Irmandades

b) Cabildo

c) Capoeira

d) Candomble



This is a Northeastern country style that has been compared to Mexican Norteno, Colombian Vallenato, and Louisiana Zydeco music.

a) Samba

b) Fossa

c) Baiao

d) Forro


This is a type of martial art disguised through music and dance.

a) irmandade

b) capoeira

c) candomble

d) cabildo


This musical style came out of the late 1960s and was heavily influenced by the psychadelic movement of England and the U.S.

a) Bossa; Nova

b) Tropicalia

c) Baiao

d) Modinha


This term describes Afro-Brazilian brotherhood organizations.

a) Irmandades

b) Candombles

c) Cabildos

d) Vaksins


This term descrives the theme for carnival parades.

a) enredo

b) destaque

c) batucada

d) escola de samba


What are Escolas de Samba?

a) the drummers that perform during the carnival.

b) scantily dressed women in carnival celebrations.

c) the singers in carnival celebrations.

d) all of the above

1)The drummers that perform during carnival.

2)The scantily dressed women in carnival celebrations.

3)The singers in carnival celebrations.

All of these.

Who performs batucada?

a) the drummers in carnival

b) the scantily clad women in carnival

c) the singers in carnival

d) all of the above


1) The drummers in carnival.

;2) The scantily clad women in carnival

3) The singers in carnival.

All of these.

Who takes part in a batucada?

a) the drummers in carnival

b) the scantly clad women in carnival

c) the singers in carnival

d) all of the above

1) The drummers in carnival.

2) The scantily clad women in carnival

3) The singers in carnival.

All of these.

What is this instrument that is utilized in capoeira?


Which of these drums is a type of bombo?

a) repinique

b) agogo

c) surdo

d) tamborim


A large musical African influence can be found in…

a) Tenochtitlan

b) Veracruz

;c) Durango

d) Mexico City


Aztec music was performed…

a) for the middle class

b) in a highly improvised manner by the working class

c) by the elite ruling class for entertainment

d) by trained musicians with strict rules to proper performance

By trained musician with strict rules

Banda music includes this tuba-like instrument.

a) tambora

b) basso continuo

c) bajo sexto

d) tunkul


Cancion ranchera is associated with the beginnings of the mariachi and is centralized in…

a) Mexico City

b) Jalisco

c) Veracruz

d) Durango


Corridos have a rich history in romaticizing rebels.

True or False?


Cuicallis is…

a) A native musician

b) A Guitar

c) An early Spanish dance

A native musician

Current day Nahuas are located mostly in…

a) Southern Mexico

b) Central Mexico

c) Northern Mexico

d) Western Mexico

Central Mexico

Dueto is primarily a genre for female singers.

True or False?



Early mariachi ensembles utilized the harp.

True or False?


German immigrants in southern Mexico were influential to Mexican music with the incorporation of polkas and the button accordion.

True or False?


Mariachi became a highly successful popular music because of its inclusion in film, television, radio, and recordings.

True or False?


Mariachis are heavily associated with this lifestyle:

a) Mestizo

b) Charro

c) Urban culture


Some Mayan flutes had two tubes where two different pitches could be sounded simultaneously, thereby allowing a musician to accompany themself.

True or False?


Son jarocho emphasizes which instrument?

a) trumpet

b) harp

c) violin

d) guitar


The corrido is a…

a) Mexican cowboy

b) narrative ballad

c) mixture of German polka and Columbian cumbia

Narrative ballod

The marimba is of which origin?

a) African

b) Spanish

c) Dutch

d) Mexico native


The Mexican marimba is unique compared to others because of…

a) A membrane made of pig tripe that makes a buzzing sound

b) its pentatonic scale

c) its use of resonators underneath the bars

d) multiple players on one instrument

A membrane made of pig tripe that makes a buzzing sound

The Richie Valens tune “La Bamba” is originally a…

a) corrido

b) polka

c) con jarocho

d) cumbia

Son Jarocho

The standard Nortena conjunto trio does NOT include:

a) double bass

b) bajo sexto

c) accordion

d) trumpet


This area shows elements of syncretism between African, Spanish, and Native cultures:

a) Veracruz

b) Mexico City

c) Jalisco

d) Durango


This city-state was the centralized locale for Mexica people.

a) Tunkul

b) Kayum

c) Durango

d) Nahua

e) Tenochtitlan


This music style is popular in Chicago due to a large immigrant population from Durango

a) son jarocho

b) banda

c) dueto

d) mariachi



This person was influential to the important addition of trumpets in mariachi music.

a) Ruben Fuentes

b) Gaspar Vargas

c) Rigo Tovar

d) Silvestre Vargas

Ruben Fuentes

We do not have written musical notation in pre-Colonial Mexico becase…

a) The Mayan civilization is so early that paper manuscripts were too deteriorated to analyze

b) The conquistadors destroyed all remnants of Mayan culture

c) There was not music making in Mayan culture

d) The natives utilized an oral tradition

The natives utilized an oral tradition

which of these instrument types were not found in pre-Colonial native music?

a) string instruments

b) rattles

c) wind instruments

d) whistles

e) drums

String instruments

Which of these is a percussion instrument?

a) jarana

b) huehuetl

c) charanga

d) bajo sexto


Which of these is NOT a similarity between mariachi and U.S. country music:

a) Fold roots that move into popular music

b) a rich history with percussion instruments

c) a traddition with cowboy culture

d) folk singing styles

b) a rich history with percussion instruments

Which of these is NOT a border music style?

a) corrido

b) son jarocho

c) tejano

d) dueto


b) son jarocho

Which of these native civilizations is least influential to Mexican culture?

a) British

b) Aztecs

c) Incas

d) Mayas


Which word is “ensemble?”

a) corrido

b) huapango

c) nahua

d) conjunto


As in evidenced by the immense volume of string music in Mexico, we can deduce that Native cultures had string instruments before colonial discover.

True or False?


Authenticity is a good marker for deciding whether;a certain song is a good representation of cultural style.

True or False?


Catholic controlled areas created a more syncretic religious environment than Protestant controlled areas.

True or False?


In which century did Nationalism become a strong movement in art music?

a) pre-Colonial

b) 17th

c) 18th

d) 19th

e) 20th


Spanish controlled areas of the New World saw a greater mixture of syncretization between the Natives and the Spanish.

True or False?


Syncretism can even be found in instrument construction and performance technique (meaning the way in which an insturment was played).

True or False?


The black legend is the telling of history from the viewpoint that Europeans were the saviors of the New World.

True or False?



The first group of import slaves from Africa to the Caribbean was the:

a) Spanish

b) Dutch

c) Portuguese

d) English


The Middle Passage is the description for the trade stopes of the Mississippi river.

True or False?


These travelers to the New World treated it more as military enterprise for commercial gains.

a) the British

b) the Spanish

c) the Dutch

The Spanish

This Art music genre sought to find identity for a group of people.

a) Classical music

b) Popular music

c) Nationalism

d) World music


This music is circulated through all classes, meant for monetary gain, and is composed by known individuals

a) Popular music

b) Urban music

c) Folk music

d) Art music


This music is considered the “music of the new people,” is often anonymous, includes a rich tradition and is created in rural areas.

a) Urban music

b) Folk music

c) Popular music

d) Art music

Folk Music

This style of music is intended for the elite and educated classes, utilized notational systems, and is performed mostly in formal settigns

a) Folk music

b) Popular music

c) Art music

d) Urban music

Art music

Urban people who migrated to rural areas were responsible for popular music making.

True or False?


Which of these is NOT one of the three large-scale sources for music creation:

a) Urban

b) Folk


d) Popular


Which of these is NOT one of the largest pre-colonial cultures of the New World?

a) Aztec

b) Mestizo

c) Inca

d) Maya


Which of these is NOT an Arican influence on New World music making?

a) Drums as a prominent force

b) Complex rhythmic structures

c) Call and Response

d) Complex song forms

Complex song forms

Which of these terms best describes the almagamation of differing religions, cultures, and/or schools of thought?

a) Symbiotic

b) Transformation

c) Synchronicity

d) Syncretism


Which term descrives the passing of information by sonic means?

a) Urban Legend

b) Folk Tradition

c) Syncretism

d) Oral Tradition

Oral Tradition

A cabildo is…

a) A Dominican social club

b) A Cuban social club

c) A Puerto Rican social club


A Cuban social club

A guajira is a cuban song style of African origins.

True or False?


Aguinaldo is…

a) Cuban Christmas carol

b) Puerto Rican Christmas carol

c) Dominican Christmas carol

a Puerto Rican Christmas carol

Bomba y Plena is…

a) a Puerto Rican music style

b) an Afro-Dominican celebration

c) An Afro-Cuban celebration

d) A Cuban music style

Puerto rican
Clave has a ____ beat rhythmic structure across 2 bars.

Don Azpiazu had a Latin hit in the U.S. with his 1930 song..

a) Muevete el Bootey

b) Tres Lindas Cubanas

c) Echale Salsita

d) El Manisero

El Manisero

Escaped slaves free of oppression were called

a) maroons

b) tainos

c) mestizos

d) caribs


Fiesta de palos can be found in…

a) Puerto Rico

b) Dominican Republic

c) U.S.

d) Cuba


Plena is a syncretization of bomba and jibaro music.

True or False?


Salsa is from…

a) Cuba

b) Puerto Rico

c) Dominican Republic

d) Mexico

e) U.S.

The U.S.

The cuatro can be found in…

a) Dominican Republic

b) Puerto Rico

c) Cuba

Puerto rico

The Dominican Republic was musically oppressed by Rafael Trujillo.

True or False?


The first songs in this style were called boleros campesinos.

a) bomba y plena

b) bachata

c) meregnue

d) rumba


The largest bata drum is called

a) itotole

b) iya

c) hembra

d) okonkolo


The traditional drums used in bomba are…

a) barilles

b) bongos

c) congas

d) tamboras


This is the national dance of the Dominican Republic

a) Bachata

b) Merengue

c) Guajira

d) Bomba


This percussion instrument has an origin in European classical music.

a) Guira

b) Bongos

c) Congas

d) Timbales


Which island was NOT acquired by the U.S. in the Spanish-American War?

a) Cuba

b) Dominican Republic

c) Puerto Rico

Dominican republic

What;describes a santerian song?

a) elegua

b) oru

c) chango

d) orisha


What is another name for a Puerto Rican farmer?

a) carib

b) guajiro

c) jibaro

d) taino


Which of these styles involves the prominence of


a) rumba

b) merengue tipico

c) bachata

d) bomba y plena

e) reggaeton

Merengue Tipico

Which Puerto Rican style uses women’s names for it’s titles due to it’s romantic associations?

a) seis

b) danza

c) bomba

d) comparsa



What is a valid reason for the poor economy in the Caribbean?

a) A continued colonial-style economic system

b) U.S. capitalist involvement

c) Tourism

A continued colonial-style economic system