The Opening Melody of the star spangled banner is best described as:
A Texture featuring a single, unaccompanied line is called:
texture that single voice takes melodic interest while other voices support it:
A short melodic, rythmic, or harmonic pattern repeated throughout a piece:
the smallest fragment of a theme that forms a melodic-rythmic unit:
the quality of sound that distinguishes one instrument or voice from another:
how do idiophones produce sound?
by shaking, scraping, or striking the instrument itself
in which group of instruments does a bass drum belong?
dates of the middle ages?
the most important patron of music in the middle ages?
the roman catholic church
medieval poet-musicians of southern france
medieval poet-musicians of southern france
minstrels who wandered among the courts and towns of france
dates of the renaissance era
after the protestant revolt the roman catholic church responded with?
the Counter-Reformation
musica transalpina was:
a collection of Italian madrigals published in England
the two important sacred genres of the renaissance were:
the mass and motet
baroque period introduced a new musical style, single vocal melody with accompan
baroque artists etc. whose aim was to resurrect musical drama of ancient greece
the florentine camerata
artificially created male soprano or alto who dominated opera
the castrato
who is best viewed as the first master of opera?
which is not monteverdi? Dido and Aeneas, Orfeo, the coranation of poppea?
dido and aeneas
greatest native english composer of the Baroque was?
henry purcell
Bachs most important keyboard music was:
the well-tempered clavier
late in life, handel turned his efforts from the opera to:
opera seria
two types of baroque sonatas
sonata di chiesa, sonata da camera
three main sections of sonata allegro are:
exposition, development, recapitulation
frequently found in fourth movement of multimovement cycle
a string quartet consists:
2 violins, viola, and cello
classical symphony had roots in
opera overture
third movement of a classical symphony is frequently in:
minuet and trio
haydns principal patron
prince esterhazy
which genre is haydn’s “the creation” representative?
Beethoven is a:
transitional composer whose works led the way to romanticism
How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
what is the name for german comic opera?
bach wrote his sacred cantatas for sacred use in which church?
The famous four-note figure at the beginning of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is best described as:
a Motive
a melody can be characterized by:
its shape, its range, and the way it moves
compound duple meters
6 6 6
4 8 12
a texture featuring a single, unaccompanied line is called:
When two or more independent melodic lines are combined, the resulting texture is called:
a texture in which a single voice takes over the melodic interest while the accompanying voices are subordinate is called:
counterpoint is a compositional style that is associated with —— texture.
a short melodic, rythmic, or harmonic pattern repeated throughout a musical work is called:
an ostinato
instruments that produce sound from a vibrating string
Bowed string instruments from highest to lowest in range
violin, viola, cello, double bass
approximately two-thirds of a symphony orchestra consists of?
the Frankish emperor who encouraged education and the concept of a centralized government was:
The late middle ages witnessed
the building of great cathedrals, the founding of universities, the rise of the middle class
a setting of Gregorian chant with four notes per syllable is called:
chief form of italien secular music in the Renaissance
the madrigal
the late Renaissance madrigal came to full flower in the music of:
Claudio Monteverdi
What was Concerto delle donne?
an ensemble of professional women singers
How many notes make up a pentatonic scale?
the term Baroque derives from:
a Portugues word for a pearl of irregular shape
the ideas of this group (in question 13) led the way toward the development of:
the french Baroque opera style that combined monumental choruses with colorful dances and stories of heroic adventure is:
tradie lyrique
how many players are generally necessary to perform a trio sonata?
most important genre during the Baroque period?
in a simple four-part harmonization, the choral melody was most likely put in:
the soprano voice
the keyboard instrument with a soft, gentle tone which was a favorite for use in homes was:
the clavichord
the instrumental form based on the contrast of two dissimilar masses of sound is called:
the concerto