classical period
(1750 – 1825) characterized by the qualities of order, objectivity, and harmonious proportion
First Vinnese School
Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven
Patronage system
nobel families sponsor musicians. gave musicians economic security
absolute music
form is important. music is a story. large scale works have overall form
program music
instrumental music endowed with literary or pictoral assiciations
instrumental genre combines elements of chamber music and symphony often performed in the evening or at social functions
large work for orchestra, generally three or four movements
instrumental genre in several movements for soloist or small ensamble
sonata allegro form
opening movement of mulitmovement cycle. Expo – devel – recap
theme and variation
theme is stated, then altered in successive statements occurs as an independent piece or as multimovement cycle
binary form
two part form (AB) where each section usually repeats
ternary form
three part form (ABA) based on a statement contrast and repition
minuet and trio
an ABA form in a moderat triple meter often the third movement
form in which the first secion repeats itself usually in the tonic. sometimes repeats in the last movement
cyclical form
musical material such as a theme presented in one movement, returns in a later movement
opera buffa
Italian comic opera sung throughout
opera seria
tragic Italian opera
comic German opera with dialouge. the predecessor of Romantic German Opera
The London Symphonies
Haydn’s 12 best symphonies. Salomon funded, lived in London
double exposition
in the concerto twofold statement of the themes once by the orchestra and once by the soloist
virtuous solo passage in the manner of inprovisation, performed near the end of an ario or movement of a concerto