German word for song. most commonly assiciated with a solo art song of the 19th cent. acc. by piano
John Field
Irish composer and pianist
“night piece” introspective work of the 19th cent. for piano
tempo rubato
borrowed time the performer hesitates or hurries forward. flexibility to note values
composition in ABA for m usually in triple meter. replaced the minuet and trio “happy joke” fast pace dance
concert overture
single movement concert piece for orchestra. typically for romantic period. based on literary program
incidental music
music written to accompany dramatic works
program symphony
multimovement programatic orchestra work typically from 19th cent.
idee fixe
“fixed idea” reoccuring musical idea
symphonic poem
one movement orchestra from that develops a poetic idea. suggests a sence or create a mood
composers were eager to embrace elements in their own national identity
Requium Mass
catholic mass for the DEAD
music drama
Wagner’s term for his opera’s
musical style in which rhythm, melodies, or instrumentals, evoke the color or atmosphere of far off lands
leading motive, basic reoccuring theme representing a person, object or idea. (star wars)
operatic realism. style popular in italy. tried to bring nationalism in to lyric theatre
dance form featuring a solo or group with music costumes and scenery
von Mack
supported TSKY financially, strickly business