Leading Tone

strongest sense of leading to the home pitch


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ti on a scale

the certain "home pitch" that the melody focuses on
Minor Scale
w h w w h w w
Major Scale

w w h w w w h

6 different instrument families

  1. strings
  2. woodwinds
  3. brass
  4. percussion
  5. keyboards
  6. plucked strings

Symphony/ Tone Poem
1 movement orchestral composistion in a free musical form.
Equal Temperament

advanced science that imporved tuning of instruments.


could play in all keys.

groups of pitches played simultaneously

the musical content of supports the melody.



"Home" Pitch

tonic pitch.




most melodies will start & end on this pitch

harsh/clashing sound


pleasing sound
Chromatic Scale

12 half steps


covers the span of an octave

Diatonic Scale

a set of 7 notes that span a distance of an octave


foundation to western music


dates back to greeks