an art based on the organization of sounds in time
Four main properties of musical sounds
pitch, dynamics, tone color, and duration(length of time a musical sound lasts)
relative highness or lowness that we hear in a sound
Pitch of a sound is decided by the frequency(speed) of its vibrations
measured in cycles per second. The faster the vibrations the higher the pitch; the slower the lower the pitch
pitch and size of objects
smaller objects vibrate faster and have higher pitches: thus plucking a short string produces a higher pitch than plucking a long string
a sound that has a definite pitch
Two tones will sound different when they have different pitches. The distance in pitch between any two tones
When tones are separated by the interval called an octave they sound very much alike
Ratio of octaves
2:1 if say one is 440 cycles per second then the see tone an octave higher would be 880 cycles per second