Casablanca was released in what year?
Who is the Director of Citizen Kane?
Orson Welles
Who is the Master of Suspense?
Alfred Hitchcock
Who was the prominent European writer during the 1960s?
Roman Polanski
Who received 5 oscars for directing?
Billy Wilder
Who composed Star Wars?  What was the role music?
John Williams.  The Planets by Gustav Holst.
Who composed for ET?  What was its role music?

John Williams.  Romantic Symphany by Howard Hanson.

What is a temp track?

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Already written music that is used in a film before scoring as a temporary score.

When was the Adventures of Robin Hood released?
Who composed the Adventures of Robin Hood?
Eric Wolfgang Korngold
What is source music?
It is music that you can see people playing on screen.
Who composed the rainman?
Hans Zimmer
Who composed the original Star Wars trilogy?
John Williams