A lively dance in 2/4 originating from Bohemia
Two ways to play “blue” notes
Playing in between the cracks, bending the notes
Music you enjoy at home with family and friends
parlor music
a sustained tone or tones which provide underpinning
A repeated melodic and or rhythmic motif
An african instrument now common in American country and fold music
Two pro- confed. signature songs of the south:
dixie and maryland, my maryland.
2 causes the Hutchinson family campaigned for (or against)
prohibition, slavery
Common themes of 1800s songs
feminine themes, hot air balloons, cars, loss and longing
Explain how our nation anthem was written
drinking song and poem with Francis scott key
who is Papageno and how did he make his way into parlor music?
Papageno was a character from the Magic Flute
Before office, government and factory building were constructed in the 1800s the was was the customary place for conducting most buisness
Why is dance generally controversial in Christian-based cultures such as early america?
dance thought to be unpure and therefore controversial
what was one style of dance in colonial america that was viewed as blashopmous?
couples dances such as the waltz
classify the instrument: organ
classify the instrument: piano
classify the instrument: harpsichord
one of the first examples of secular music in early US was
military music for morale building
espirit de corpes
small brass band (also woodwind) music paid for by military officers at social venues
a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for finical benefit or professional reasons:
Marching music played by primarily fifes and drums and funded by the military
Field Music
ballad opera premerining in 1794 in pHILLY. ON THE AMERICAN STAGE IT WAS TRANSFORMED FROM A GRUESOME BRITISH TALE TO A SINEY-ESQUE play with a happy ending
children in the woods
from philly, lawyer, judge, 1st american born, degreed composer
francis hopkinson
virginian, lawyer, music hobbyist, and harpsichord collector
thomas jefferson
a keyboard instrument in which the strings are plucked by a plectrum ( a small piece of wood bone, leather, or quill)
A single, unaccompanied instrument or voice
most western popular music can be classified as
rare in western music and standard in African and arabian music. there are >1 instrument or coice creating the same melody line, yet each creating music texture via variation but not necessarily creating harmonies
Wrtten txt, lyrics,a dn dialog for an opera (minis the music )
French-language opera company led by John Davis from 1822-1861 which included ballet and pre-performance dancing (balls)
theatre d’ orleans
what did jenny lind endorse?
beds, sheet music, gloves
what was the 1st opera star in the us? where did she debut and what laugne?
Maria Garcia. Itallian debut in Boston. she was the first diva
what was the 2nd opera star int he US? where did she come form and who was her sponder?
euro. sponsor was barnum, the theatre owner. Jenny lind from sweeden.
how did the fact that “home sweet home” bring a british composition affect its popularity?
It made it more popualar. however, it had no copyrights.
what 7yr event made opera music possible on the west coast?
the gold rush
who was andrew law?
created the shape note // religious entrepenure
who were little and smith?
fine tuned law’s shape note and copyrighted it to make money
why did people blame william billing for the dark age of Protestant psalm signing?
relied in the originals with out deviiaiton
5 things that were change or undine by 1804 because of the “dark age” reform
how did shape note singing help the congregation return to the rightful psalm singing?
no more improvisation, helped those who were not music literate and acted at a layman for the musical congression
whos idea was it to move the melody to the soprano part in choirs?
andrew law
what were the negative of the “dark age” reform?
limited musical creativity
Or “solfege” is a method of note learning and pitch identification used primarily but singers
intellectual, moral or spiritual improvement
when a silence of weak beat replaced the expected strong beat
someone who earns a profit from business relating to church
religious entrepreneurs
four issues that traditionalists had with the camp meeting
not part of any official worship program
african americans mixed with whites
their adaptations of hymns
some poeple danced
name 3 services provided by travelling music theatre groups in colonial amreica
music lessons
participate in church music
known primarily for its cynicism and social/political criticism, this english work of 1728 by john gay was a forerunner of the american musical and was popular in both colonial america and England
beggars opera
what was unusual and controversial about the new custom of holding concerts in a venue such as trinity church on wall street?
charging money to go into a church
explain how brass instruments evolved form straight bugles to the modern day trumpet/ cornet for example
the development of valves allowed for range
what was patrick gilmores main inspiration for the national peace jubilee in 1869
bring high quality music to all
how did the saxhorn change the sound of the band
it gave a more blended sound
why was the music publishing industry strong int he 1800s?
it was the best way to reach a wide audiance
name 4 types of mu that would be found on the program at a typical band concert in the 1800s
polka, classical, walktz, quadrille
two poluar touring ensembles int he mid1800s
germania mu society and the austiran s. ensamble
family of brass instruments in gratuated sizes similar to an upright ruba
two popular dance forms in the 1800s that made their way into instrumental music forms for listening
quadrille and schottische
type of concert brought to the US by louis jillian where audience can stroll and socialize while the music is being played: there tickets were cheap
promenade concert
founded in 1815 this organizations mission was to improve and promote sacred music performance and workd of the prominent euro masters
boston handel and hayden society
a large scale religious work for chorus, orchestra, solo singers