What did the Florentine Camerata conclude about Ancient Greek tragedy?
Tragedies were sung throughout in performance
The earliest music dramas were first performed around which year?
Which of the following composers contributed in creating the earliest music drama for which music survives?
Peri and Caccini
What is recitar cantando?
A kind of sung speech that imitates the inflections of spoken Italian, later called “recitative”
A crucial stylistic component of Peri’s recitar cantando in L’Euridice is ___________________.
text painting
What kind of musical device would you expect to hear in a recitative passage that mentions “dolore” (sorrow/pain)?
Which of the following is NOT one of the three monody types introduced in the early music dramas of Caccini, Peri, and Monteverdi?
4 and 5 part madrigal
How does Monteverdi’s Orfeo expand on the previous music dramas of Peri and Caccini?
He adds instrumental sinfonias, choruses, and ballets to the straight monody passages
What is a ritornello?
an instrumental refrain
What kind of poetry is associated with recitar cantando?
versi sciolti (free verse)
The first instrumental pieces published in the 16th century were composed for the _____________________.
In instrumental music of the 16th century, a stylized dance refers to ____________________.
a dance piece meant to be listened to or enjoyed through playing
Which of the following musical pieces is an intabulation?
Narvaez’s arrangement of “Mille regretz” for vihuela
What is the generic definition of a “canzona”?
a polyphonic piece for instruments
Which of the following best describes the “cori spezzati” phenomenon of the early 17th c.?
Placing choirs of voices and/or instrumental in different positions throughout an acoustical space
What is meant by the term “seconda prattica”?
Polyphony in the chromatic and text-driven style of Gesualdo
What is “new” about Caccini’s Le nuove musiche?
It features madrigals for solo voice and basso conitnuo
What is basso continuo?
A musical texture that features both a bass line and an improvised harmonic accompaniment
What is an aria?
a strophic song
What was the driving force behind the creation of music drama in the late 16th c./early 17th c.?
To recreate the powerful experience of ancient Greek tragedy
What year signals the beginning of commercial opera in Italy?
Which of the following operas represents Monteverdi’s contribution to the Venetian style of public commericial opera?
L’incoronazione di Poppea
Which of the following best describes the vocal style of Italian opera and cantata around the middle of the 17th century?
Recurring alternations of recitative, aria, and arioso passages
Arias typically feature _____________________.
Moving instrumental basses with lyrical singing in the vocal part
Which of the following genres represents the “popular” style of 17th century Italian music?
dance music
What is basso ostinato?
Repeating the bass line of a popular dance while the voice(s) move freely above
In the 17th century, the bass of a passacaglia features ________________________.
A descending tetrachord (4-note pattern)

(e.g. I – vii – vi – V or C – b – a – G)

The two predominant genres of secular vocal music in 17th-century Italy are _____________ and _______________.
opera, cantata
What is a cantata as heard and composed in the 17th century?
A secular piece for solo voice and bass continuo
What is an oratorio?
A dramatic religious piece for singers and instrumentaliats with narration and dialogue
How does Carissimi symbolize lamentation in the final chorus of his ortaorio Jephte?
He employs the passacaglia pattern in the minor mode with elaborate suspensions
What kinds of intruments are often featured in early 17th century Italian musical publications?
violin and keyboard
What is an example of an idiomatic musical passage?
a trombone playing a glissando
What is a toccata?
A sectional and improvisatory piece for keyboard that explores a series of new motives
Which of the following composers is associated with genres of toccata and ricercare in the early decades of the 17th century?
Which of the following composers is associated with the genre of tragedie en musique in the second half of the 17th century?
Why did some French critics dislike Italian opera when it premiered in France in the 1640s?
It lacked a sense of verisimilitude, or realism on stage
Which of the following musical components is unique to the French tradition of tragedie en musique?
What is the standard form of the ouverture in the tragedie en musique tradition?
A stately march with dotted figures alternating with a fast livelier imitative section
What are two common genres associated with the Italian instrumental tradition from 1650 to about 1730?
sonata and concerto
According to John Calvin and the doctrine of early Calvinism, the only musical items appropriate for worship are _________________.
metrical Psalms
To whom do we attribute the establishment of single-impression printing during the 16th century?
Pierre Attaingnant
What separates the 16th-century Lutheran worship experience from that of the Roman Catholic tradition?
The Lutheran worship service featured congregational singing
In the context of Lutheran worship, what is a chorale?
A melody often sung in unison by the congreation during the worship service
Which of the following best describes the doctrinal and liturgical identity of the Church of England during the reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603)?
A blend of Protestant and Catholic
What is the Anglican (Church of England) term for a “motet”?
Which of the following musical reforms concerned those deliberating at the Council of Trent?
Reestablishing plainchant as the liturgical focus
16th-century Italian madrigals are typically ________________.
Which of the following composers is associated with the late 16th century Italian madrigal, featuring an intensely expressive style of text painting?
Carlo Gesualdo
The earliest genre of secular vocal music published during the 16th century was the ______________________.