The Velvet Underground’s Debut album was produced by what influential contemporary artist?
Andy Worhol
Who were the 2 most prominent members of the Velvet Underground?(2)
John Cale and Lou Reed
Who were the first hit artist to employ avant-garade theatrical confrontation during their concerts?
The Doors
What Detroit rock and roll band became involved in the radical politics of the “White Panther Party”?
Why did Syd Barrett only make one album with Pink Floyd?
Mental instability
What British group was hired to do a Stereo Demonstration record and went on to the top of the charts with “Nights in White Satin”?
Moody Blues
What is a Mellotron?
Early sampling using magnetic tape loops
What record label used gritty southern soul musicians to accompany Aretha Franklin’s Heavily gospel-influenced sould during the late 1960’s?
What type of music did Aretha Franklin sing and record before being discovered by John Hammond at Columbia Records?
R and Soul
What was the name of James Brown’s top-notch 1960’s funk musicians who made a series of their own recordings under that same name?
When did the funk style come together under James Brown with “Cold Sweat”?
What gender and racially integrated act made political and social commentary attractive and profitable for other soul and R&B artists in the late 1960’s?
Sly & the Family Stone
What bass player introduced the influential “slap-bass” technique to the funk and soul scene?
Larry Graham
The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical “Hair” appeared what year?
Which highly successful publishing veteran of the Brill Building-era later picked out all of the early hits for The Monkees TV show and records?
Don Kirshner
Which production team popularized bubblegum music by producing the songs and hiring out the musicians for bands such as 1910 Fruitgum Company and Ohio Express? (2)
Jeff Katz and Jerry Kasanetz
Jimmy Webb is best know as a __________
What was the Rolling Stones’ disastrous, free Altamont Speedway concert originally to be held?
Golden Gate Park
About how many people made it to the Woodstock Festival of 1969?
The LP (33 1/3 rpm) format finally outsold singles(45rpm) after which year?
What year did full featured built-to-order recording consoles appear?
What company was the first to release the two-inch 24-track recorder?
What city was the home of KMPX, the first commercially successful “underground” FM radio station, in 1967
San Francisco
What former head of Columbia records began Arista in the early 1970’s?
Clive Davis
When did the big record retail chains appear?
Early 70’s
What is the name of Led Zeppelin’s manager, who successfully challenged live venue contracts, moving more money towards the musicians who performed?
Peter Grant
When did Singer Songwriter style become popular?
Early 70’s
Which folk artists co-founded the World Hunger Fund in the 1970’s raising more than $5million to feed famished people around the world?
Harry Chapin
What folk rock artist began his career with the country-rock band Buffalo Springfield, and has recently been hailed as a godfather of grunge and alternative music?
Neil Young
What singer/songwriter spent time in mental institutions and later became known for his artful, personal lyrics in songs like “Fire and Rain”?
James Taylor
Which artist mixed a poetic Dylanesque lyric with folk, jazz, and R to create classic albums including Astral Weeks and Moondance?
Van Morrison
Joni Mitchell’s fusion of jazz with her acoustic folk style led her to collaborate with which famous composer/bassist, working on songs inspired by T.S. Eliot poems?
Charlie Mingus
What British folk rock band launched the solo careers of both Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson?
Fairport Convention
What artist was renowned for the his four-hour concert marathons and embodying the spirit of the working class?
Bruce Springstein
Whose production style was employed on Bruce Springsteen’s breakthrough Born To Run album?
Phil Spector
What band’s song lyrics reveled in black magic, fantasy, drug, and mental illness (rarely songs about relationships) redefined HEAVY with giant, primitive scary riffs?
Black Sabith
What rock artist first devised shocking displays of grandiose violence as a part of the entertainment?
Alice Cooper
Which British glam-rock artist hired Broadway designers to fabricate rock’s first full concert stage sets?
David Bowie
Which costumed glam band added violent theatrics to their live shows, and were voted the Gallups Poll’s most popular band in 1977?
What band is touted as “the greatest rock & roll band” from the 1970’s through today?
Rolling Stones
Who was the producer to produce Alice Cooper’s first hit records, and went on to produce the first platinum-selling Kiss release?
Bob Ezrin
The pioneering Led Zeppelin began as a new, improvising version of what famous 1960’s British blues rock band?
The Yardbirds
The progressive rock era admitted a strong influence from what style of composition and musicianship?
What is the longest lasting and most successful progressive rock group?
What LP has the record number of weeks on the Billboard Album Chart?
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
Who originally led the English art rock band Genesis?
Peter Gabriel
After Peter Gabriel left Genesis, which drummer, who had been mostly back-up singing and then took over as lead singer?
Phil Collens
What event most led to Santana’s signing with Columbia records in 1969?
Which rock band fused blues and country with additional influences, expertly stretching out songs to over 30 minutes becoming the precursor for a wave of southern rock bands that followed them?
Allman Brothers
Southern rock gets its sound from what two predominant roots styles?(2)
Blues and country
Southern rock gets its sound from what two predominant roots styles?(2)
Blues and country
Ronni Van Zant was the lead singer and songwriter of what southern rock group?
Lynyrd Skynyrd
What group came to become the most successful southern California band; their greatest hits release later becoming the all-time best-selling U.S. release?
The Eagles
The Grateful Dead made a shift away from psychedelia towards what style of rock music in the early 1970’s?
Who produced he Eagles’ first 2 albums, including “Take it Easy”(as well as many classic albums of the Rolling Stones, the Steve Miller Band, the Who, CSN, and Eric Clapton?
Glyn Johns