What are the identifying characteristics of a “true” folk song?
Songs of anonymous authorship, passed down generation to generation
True or False

Instrumentation (the choice of instruments used) is a deciding factor in determining whether music is “true” folk music.

What is the folk process?
The long-term collective changing of knowledge passed down orally.
What do Hornpipes, Jigs, Reels, and Strathpeys all have in common?
All dance music styles from the Celtic influenced Europe
The Appalachian music tradition gets most of its Celtic music tradition from what countries?
Scotland, Ireland, and England
What were the churches called in slave times where the spirituals developed?
Praise Houses.
Through what famous singing group did America first learn of the Negro Spirituals?
Fisk University Jubilee Singers
Why did folklorist John and Alan Lomax start touring through America seeking to record folk and blues?
They realized that the folk traditions in remote communities were in danger of being lost to the commercial reach of radio.
What black folk artist collected songs from his travels through the south and was eventually pardoned on two separate prison sentences, one with help from the Lomaxes.
The style of roots music most associated with Bill Monroe is:
What five instruments usually comprise the average Bluegrass band?
Fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass
What prolific songwriter and performer embodied the folk-spirit of the Okie farmer of the Depression and came to symbolize the radical political folk musicians?
Woody Guthrie
What artist was called “America’s tuning fork” by poet Carl Sandburg; stayed on the forefront of music and politics through the 1960’s; was blacklisted by the McCarthy era’s HUAC committee; and wrote 60s civil rights and folk anthems “We Shall Overcome” a
Pete Seegar
Why did the Weavers become blacklisted by the HUAC in the mid 1950s?
They were exposed as having strong connections with the Communist Party
Skiffle, a very popular “do it yourself” Bristish music style that was a mix of folk music and ragtime was polpularized in the 1950s by
Lonnie Donegan
What is the traditional music on the black, French speaking country people of the bayou regions of the central and southern Louisiana?
What is the traditional music of the white, French speaking country people of the bayou regions of the central and southern Louisiana?
What East Coast folk artist openly opposed the Vietnam War by organizing the Institute for the Study of Non-Violence, and also made the song “We Shall Overcome,” co-written by Pete Seeger, the 1960s anti-war anthem?
Joan Baez
What is Greenwich Village?
It is a neighborhood in lower New York City known for political radicals and political art.
Who was the legendary A&R Man who “discovered” Bob Dylan?
John Hammond
Why is Bod Dylan considered the most important song writer of the 1960s?
He broadened the scope of what the lyrics could be in popular music with poetry and intelligence.
What songwriter changed popular music with deeply personal, highly intelligent and poetic lyrics; writing, for example All Along the Watch Tower, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, and Blowin’ in the Wind?
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan traveled from his Midwestern home to New York City to see what dying folk artist, who was also his most important single influence?
Woody Guthrie
Who continued to sing protest songs into the seventies, though largely unheard, his life ended in suicide?
Phil Ochs
What was the Medicine Show?
A pre-radio concert performed throughout the south for selling patent medicines
The vast majority of music on the air (radio) before 1948 came from what source?
Live from the studio or performance
True or False

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In the early days of country (1920s thru 1940s), aspiring recording artists first had to make a name for themselves in radio.

Which radio station developed the most popular barn dance radio show, called The Grand Ole Opry in the 1920s?
WSM Nashville
Country’s first multi-million seller, The Prisoner’s Song, was recorded on record labels by the same artist. What was his name used on his first recording with Victor?
Vernon Dalhart
The Skillet Lickers played a traditional style of Celtic influenced music that was popular in the Southeast and utilized string instruments, often called:
Old-timey String Bands
What conerstone country family is credited with setting many standards of the country music style, influencing the next generations of singers with 250 recordings and Opry broadcast?
The Carter Family
What country star developed the guitar playing technique of playing the melody on the bass strings while picking chords on the higher strings?
Maybelle Carter
What singer learned the blues as a railroad laborer, later combining it with hillbilly music?
Jimmie Rodgers
What early producer recording both the Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers for Victor in 1927?
Ralph Peer
Which artist became the first Western Movie Star by battling the Phantom Empire from his horse and singing songs like that Silver Haired Daddy of Mine in a 1930s science-fiction movie series? He later went on to star in over 80 films and start producing t
Gene Autry
The style of country music most often associated with Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys is:
Western Swing
What musical style became the predominant influence on popular music from the mid-1930s through the 1940s?
Swing Jazz
Western Swing is a hybrid of what two styles of music?
Western and Swing Jazz
What country artist first made Honky-tonk famous, who in his early days idolized Jimmie Rogers?
Ernest Tubbs
Hey Good Lookin’, Cold Cold Heart, and Your Cheatin’ Heart were all written and performed by this person often credited as the best country songwriter of all time.
Hank Williams, Sr.
Who was the King of Honky-Tonk, who died of an overdose of alcohol and drugs in 1953 at age 29?
Hank Williams
Which two men formed the first country music publishing firm in Nashville in 1942?
Roy Acuff and Fred Rose
What style emerged in white Southwestern road houses and juke joints during and after World War II?
Rockablilly can be described as a blend of what two styles of music?
Country and R&B
Which independent record label first discovered and developed Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Jonnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis?
Which country and gospel group brought blues harmonica and up-tempo boogie-woogie to their music in the late 1940s, in effect the beginning of Rockabilly?
The Delmore Brothers
What country artist had the first so-called Rock and Roll million-seller hit, produced by the jazz producer Milt Gabler?
Bill Haley and the Comets
What popular country duo’s huge single Cathy’s Clown put Warner Brothers on the map?
Everly Brothers
Who produced Jonny Cash’s last four studio albums on the American Recordings label?
Rick Rubin
Besides Don Law, what two Nashville producers created the Nashville Sound?
Owen Bradley and Chet Atkins
The West Coast style of country artists, whose roster includes Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, is best described as a blend of what two older country styles?
Rockabilly and Honky-Tonk
What are the major producers of country in the USA?
Bakersfield, CA, Nashville, TN, and Austin, TX
Glen Campbell represents what style in mid to late 1960s country?
Soft Country
Who created the first country/rock album, and what was the record’ title?
The Byrds, Sweetheart of the Rodeo
What guitarist formed The Flying Burrito Brothers and spread the gospel of electric oriented music in the late 1960s?
Gram Parsons
Roger McGuinn, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, and Gene Clark formed what legendary innovative popular group: leading the way to Folk Rock in 1965; Psychedelic Rock in 1967, and then Country Rock in 1968?
Stephen Stills, Jim Messins and Neil Young formed what country rock group of the late 1960s?
Buffalo Springfield
Gram Parons, Chris Hillman, Chris Etheridge, and Pete Kleinow formed what country rock group in the late 1960s?
Flying Burrito Brothers
True or False

Both Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn grew up poor in the mountains.

True or False

Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn buck the prevailing trend by being both women singers and songwriters.

Where did Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson go in the early 1970s when they left Nashville to start a fresh country sound?
Austin, TX
What country movement/style is associated with the early 1980s that blends disco-ized country songs and electronic rodeos?
Urban Cowboy
The 1970s and 80s country group Asleep At the Wheel revived what older style of country music?
Western Swing
What is the traditional country style that stayed country during the Urban Cowboy years of the early 1980s?
New Traditionalist
The 1980s punk band The Cramps revived what older style of country music?
Brian Setzer’s Strat Cats revived what older style of country music?
What artist has the best selling Country album of all time, No Fences?
Garth Brooks
What British producer (of Def Leopard and others) married and produced Shania Twain?
Mutt Lange
True or False

Starting with the 1950s Nashville System, most country artist do not write their own songs, but instead record songs chosen by their producers.

Which represents the correct chronological order of country music styles?
Hillbilly, Western Stars, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Nashville Sound, Bakersfield, Country Rock, Outlaw Country, Urban Cowboy, New Traditionalist, Young Country