Who wrote a piece that’s monophonic and sounds creepy and dissonant?
Euripides: Orestus, excerpt, Stasimon chorus (Oh rest us Euri Pides, Stasimon chorus)
Who wrote a piece that has a female voice accompanied by an oboe-sounding instrument?
Hildegard of Bingen: Ordo Virtutum
Who wrote a funny sounding song that starts with a man laughing?
Gherardello de Firenzo: Tosto che l’alba-caccia (Toast oh w/ che l’alba caccia)
Who wrote a song with an unaccompanied female voice?
Guillaume de Machaut: Foy Porter-virelai
(Foy Porter very lies)
Who wrote a song with a tenor two-part voice?
Leoninus and Colleagues: Viderunt omnes-organum duplum (Leoninus and his colleagues don’t like two (Viduh)runts omnes organum duplum)
Who wrote a song with a tenor four-part voice?
Perotinus: Viderunt omnes-organum quadruplum (Petotinus (perro is dog in Spanish and apparently Perotinus is a small dog who hates four (Viduh)runts omnes-organum quadruplum
Who wrote a monophonic song with male voice chant?
Wipo of Burgandy (ascribed to): Victimae paschali laudes-sequence (Wipo of Burgandy ascribed to Victims paschali laudes in sequences)
Who wrote the round song that starts with a “sing coo-coo”?
Author Unknown: Sumer is icumen in-rota (an unknown arthor said that summer is I-see-you-men in – rota)
Who wrote the song with female voice in French?
Adam de la Halle: Jeu de Robin et de Marion- Rondeau (Adam in the hall drew Robin at the Marion in a Rondeau)