Type of polyphonic song in spanish, with several stanzas framed by a refrain. originally secular, later sacred.
16th century genre of italian polyphony, typically syllabic, homophonic, and diatonic. Melody in the upper voice and marked rhythmic patterns
Italian Madrigal
Composers emphasized the meaning and impact of the text through musical setting. pg 244 for more info
Inspirational poet for many of the musicians, poets, and readers of the 15th and 16th centuries.
musique mesuree
Late 16th century french style of tect setting; especially in chansons, in which stressed syllables are given longer notes that unstressed syllables.
German ameteur singer and poet-composer of the 14th through the 17th century who was a member if the guild that cultivated a style of monophonic song derived from the minnelieder
English madrigal
written for primarily unnaccompanied voices, word painting, like italian madrigals, but in English
The triumphs of Oriana
Written by Thomas Morley in 1601, a collection of 25 madrigals by 23 composers, modeled after Il trionfo di Dori. Each madrogal end with Long live fair oriana. In honor of queen elizabeth
Lute Song
english genre of solo song with lute accompaniment
Jacques Arcedelt
Franco-Flemish composer who worked in Florence and Rome for almost three decades before returning to france in 1551. Composed Il bianco e dolce cigno which is one of the most famous madrigals. “little deaths”
Capriano de Rore
The leading madrigal composer of the mid 16th century. imbued every detail of the music with rhythm, sense and feeling.
Carlo Gesualdo
was an aristocrat, also a murderer, found his wife in bed with her lover and killed them both.
Madalena Casulana

Madelena Casulana

first women composer.
Thomas Weelkes
Wrote his own poetry, As vesta was descending
John Dowland
English Composer, flow my tears
An instrumental ensemble of 4-1 mmbers. “broken” meant having more than one type of instrument,
Syntagma musicum
Systematic treatise of music, Sebastian virdung, book that describes unstruments and how to play them
basse danse
“low dance” a stately couple dance marked by gracefully raising and lowering the body.
a sideways step
arrangements of vocal pieces for lute or keyboard.
variation form
independent instrumental pieces based on dances
prelude, fantasia, ricecare
Improved lute and keyboard pieces that were used to introduce a piece, fill time, or establish a mode
the most important keyboard genre
light, fats moving, strongly rhythmis pieces based on an earlier vocal model.
St. Mark’s Cathedral
Prestigous Musicians, Doge’s private church
works for two or more choirs, Gabriele
St, Mark’s composer, 100 motests and 30 madrigals
Thirty Years’ War
brought english composers to france
“a misshappen pearl” 1600-1750
objectified emotions or states of mind such as sadness, joy, fear, wonder
concertato medium
imstruments play independent parts
second practice
new treatment of dissonances
first practice
traditional treatment of dissonance
figured bass
bass line supplied with numbers or accidental signs
performing music that’s notation isn’t complete (like a basoo continuoso)
trill or turn, short
ornaments added to an entire existing melody.