What is folk process?
The collective changing of a song
The Appalachian music tradition gets most of its Celtic music tradition from what countries?
Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales and the Hebrides
What were the churches called in slave times where the spirituals developed?
Praise Houses
what folk artist collected songs from his travels through the south and was eventually pardoned on two separate prison sentences, one with help from the Lomaxes?
What 5 instruments usually comprise the average Bluegrass band?
Fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass fiddle
Skiffle, a very popular “do-it-yourself” British music style that was a mix of folk music and ragtime was popularized in the 1950s by?
Lonnie Donegan
What is the traditional music of the black, French speaking country people of the bayou regions of central and southern Louisiana?
Why is Bob Dylan considered the most influential American pop musician of the 1960s?
He brought a socially aware, intelligent and poetic approach to songwriting
Bob Dylan traveled from his Minnesota home to New York City, allowing him to see what dying folk artist, who was also his most important single influence?
Woody Guthrie
Who continued to sing protest songs into the seventies, though largely unheard, his life ending in suicide?
Phil Ochs
What was a Medicine Show?
A traveling business selling “patent medicines”
Which radio station developed the most popular “barn dance” radio show, called “The Grand Ole Opry” in the 1920s?
WBAP Ft. Worth
What cornerstone country family is credited with setting many standards of the country music style, influencing the next generations of singers with 250 recordings and Opry broadcasts?
The Carter Family
Which singer learned the blues as a railroad laborer, later combining it with hillbilly music?
Jimmie Rodgers
What musical style became the predominant influence on popular music from the mid-1930s through the 1940s?
Swing Jazz
Who was the King of Honky-Tonk, who died of an overdose of alcohol and drugs in 1953 at age 29?
Hank Williams
What artist combined country and rhythm and blues to create the first rock and roll million-selling hit?
Bill Haley and the Comets
Stephen Stills, Jim Messina and Neil Young formed what country rock group of the late 1960s?
True or False

Both Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn grew up poor in the Appalachians

What three cities are the major producers of country music in the USA? (Three answers)
Dallas, TX Bakersfield, CA Nashville, TN
The term “blues” and the music it describes was first notated by a university in what century?
Who was known as “Empress of the Blues?”
Bessie Smith
Which of the following music style characteristics are commonly identified with Mississippi Delta Blues? (two answers)
Bottleneck slide guitar
Percussive attack on guitar
True or False
Some down-home blues artists were also preachers.
Who was responsible for packaging the album Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues Singers and invited Johnson to perform at Carnegie Hall in his From Spirituals to Swing concerts, (but Johnson died just weeks before the event).
John Hammond Sr.
What did Thomas A. Dorsey call his blues-based church music?
Which of the following artists is best known for his blues harp (harmonica) playing?
Sonny Boy Williamson
What gospel style, characterized by multiple wailing lead vocals, popularized by groups such as the Soul Stirrers, replaced the jubilee style in the late 1940s?
Hard gospel
Which gospel singer was influenced by the blues vocals of Bessie Smith, and was dubbed “The Queen of Gospel Music?”
Mahalia Jackson
What section of Memphis, Tennessee was the center of live music activity for bluesmen such as B.B. King, Furry Lewis, Bukka White, and Willie Newborn?
Beale Street
In regards to entertainment, the term Broadway is synonymous with:
American Musical Theater
New York City was not the only place where stage entertainment was enjoyed in the 1800s. What types of shows were mounted across the country on small stages with small casts that first opened opportunities for black musicians after the U.S. Civil War?
Minstrel Shows
Which of the pre-musical entertainment genres functioned like a vaudeville, but had more daring material including, strippers?
Edison’s first cylinder format was made of what material?
Who invented the first flat-disc record player (78 rpm), about 10 years later than Edison’s invention?
Emile Berliner
True or False
Magnetic recording began with the use of wire, not tape
Emile Berliner created 3 labels manufacturers for his 78 rpm disc invention. What was the name of his label in the U.S.?
What underclass groups were the predominant creative sources for the first major trends in American pop music? (two answers)
African-Americans jews
Who first patented radiotelegraphy, becoming wealthy selling his equipment to shipyards and ship merchants?
Guglielmo Marconi
George Gershwin became famous for his upbeat, witty shows and film scores, but
is best remembered for his opera masterpiece of 1935 called:
Porgy and Bess
Which previously established musical groups became the first jazz units in New Orleans?
Marching bands
What was Storyville?
New Orleans neighborhood set aside for brothels and gambling
What instrument began to replace the banjo when jazz moved indoors?
Who was the ragtime-trained New Orleans pianist who became the first significant composer of jazz?
Jelly Roll Morton
How did the “Chicago Style” of jazz differ from the New Orleans “hot jazz” style?
Chicago Style” jazz was New Orleans “hot jazz” with large individual solos
New York’s James P. Johnson created a new swinging style of ragtime. What is this piano style called?
What is the standard instrumentation of the swing orchestra? List the number of instruments contained each section:
. 5 Saxophones, 4 Trombones, 4 Trumpets + Rhythm Section
Which swing-era bandleader led a band that included Louis Armstrong as a soloist and was dubbed the “Inventor of Swing” because of his arrangements?
Fletcher Henderson
What Kansas City swing band was known for its strong anchoring in the blues and often played their parts from memory instead of from charts?
The Count Basie Orchestra
What jazz artist popularized electric guitar with horn-like single line solos while playing with Benny Goodman?
Charlie Christian
Which jazz singer was influenced by Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong during her youth and was “discovered” in New York City by A & R guru John Hammond?
Billie Holiday
What was Charlie “Bird” Parker’s instrument of expertise?
Alto Saxophone
Which bandleader fused Latin arrangements with bebop in his jazz big band, which included percussionist Chano Pozo?
Tito Puente
Utilizing laid-back arrangements of bebop-styled tunes, Miles Davis made a 1949 recording for nine players inspired the “Cool Jazz” era. What was the name of this famous album?
Birth of the Cool
What saxophonist/ composer released the highly influential Free Jazz LP in 1960?
Ornette Coleman
What saxophonist pushed the art of improvisation to new standards with Giant Steps and A Love Supreme albums, introducing Eastern musical ideas and spiritualism into the music?
John Coltrane
Which modern saxophonist/composer toured with Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor, and
Dizzy Gillespie, managed a concert loft in New York, and moved to Florida to pursue his large composition projects?
Sam Rivers
Which big band leader/pianist used costumes and stage effects to create experimental jazz, utilizing outer space themes?
Sun Ra
List jazz styles in their correct chronological order:
Hot, Chicago, Stride, Swing, Bebop, Cool, Free, Fusion
What artist attempted to bring attention to non-fusion and older jazz musicians and styles through their own playing?
Wynton Marsalis
The Velvet Underground’s debut album was produced by what influential contemporary artist?
Andy Warhol
What Detroit rock & roll band became involved in the radical politics of the “White Panther Party”?
Why did Syd Barrett only make one album with Pink Floyd?
Mental instability, apparently accelerated by LSD use
What is a Mellotron?
An early sampling keyboard that employed banks of magnetic tape
What type of music did Aretha Franklin sing and record before being discovered by John Hammond at Columbia Records?
What gender and racially integrated act made political and social commentary attractive and profitable for other soul and R & B artists in the late 1960s?
Sly and the Family Stone
What bass player introduced the “slap bass” technique to the funk and soul scene?
Larry Graham
LPs (33 1/3 rpm) format finally outsold singles (45 rpm) after which year?
What city was the home of KMPX- the first commercially successful “underground” FM radio station- in 1967?
San Francisco
What former head of Columbia records began Arista in the early 1970s?
Clive Davis
When did the Singer Songwriter style become popular?
early 1970s
What singer/songwriter spent time in mental institutions and later became known for his artful, personal lyrics in songs like Fire and Rain?
James Taylor
Which British glam-rock artist hired Broadway designers to fabricate rock’s first
full concert stage sets?
David Bowie
Joni Mitchell’s fusion of jazz with her acoustic folk style led her to collaborate with which famous composer/bassist, working on songs inspired by T.S. Elliot poems?
Charles Mingus
Whose production style was employed on Bruce Springsteen’s breakthrough Born To Run album?
Phil Spector
Which costumed glam band added violent theatrics to their live shows, and were voted the Gallup Poll’s most popular band in 1977?
The pioneering Led Zeppelin began as a new, improvising version of what famous 1960s British blues rock band?
The progressive rock era admitted a strong influence from what style of composition and musicianship?
After Peter Gabriel left Genesis, which drummer, who had been mostly back-up singing and then took over as lead singer?
Phil Collins