Who composed “L’incoronazione di Poppea, Act 1, Scene 3”?
Claudio Monteverdi
Who composed “Saul, was verfolgst du mich from Symphoniae sacrae III”?
Heinrich Schutz
Who composed “Toccata No. 3”?
Girolamo Frescobaldi
Who composed “Armide: Excerpts”?
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Who composed “Suite in A Minor – Gigue”?
Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre
Who composed “Trio Sonata, opus 3, Number 2 – Allegro”?
Arcangelo Corelli
Who composed “Praeludium in E Major”?
Dietrich Buxtehude
Who composed “Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor – Presto”?
Antonio Vivaldi
Who composed “Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 62, No. 4 Aria (bass): Streite, seige, starker Held!”?
Johann Sebastian Bach
Who composed “Giulio Cesare, Act II, Scenes 1-2”?
George Frederic Handel
Who composed “Saul – No. 68 Chorus; O fatal Consequence of Rage”?
George Frederic Handel
What were some key happenings of the Baroque (1600-1750) period?
Innovation of science, music was heavily ornamented, Europe’s economy grew, growth of middle class, France stabilized, England and Spain fighting, Catholics and Protestants fighting, new colonies expanding into new territories, German civil war
What astronomer discovered the orders of the planets?
What astronomer/ mathematician developed the first telescopes?
Who was the father of modern philosophy, invented geometry, and coined the phrase “I think, therefore, I am”?
What scientist discovered gravity, had three laws of motion, and was born on Christmas prematurely?
Sir Isaac Newton
What is the bottom line of the accompaniment called?
Basso Continuo
What is an addition to music to make it more beautiful with embellishments called?
What is a realized harmony with a bass line called?
Figured bass
What is a play/drama that is sung and tells a story called?
What is the start of the opera called with the orchestra that gets the audience in the mood and sets up certain themes?
What is a solo song in an opera where the action stops and the actor sings about what they’re feeling?
What is a speech within an opera that moves the action forward called?
What is a secco (dry, spoken) melodic recitative called in an opera?
What are designed to show off groups of people in an opera?
What is a story or script in an opera that are chosen by an outside writer?
Who wrote the 1st opera “L’Euradice” and invented recitative?
Jacopo Peri
What is a drama done out in the country called?
Pastoral Drama
What is a play broken apart into scenes called?
What did Greek tragedies feature?
A Greek chorus
What Italian composer used a variety of instruments in his compositions, studied at the University of Crimosa,was the 1st major composer of the period, composed madrigals of love and war, composed L’Orfeo and L’incoronazione di Poppea, Act 1, Scene 3?
Claudio Monteverdi
What city in Italy was the center of opera?
What were young boys castrated before puberty to preserve their singing voices called?
Who was the last surviving Castrato?
Who was the most famous castrato?
What is a large scale story from the bible that is set to music, contains arias, recitatives, and used no costumes?
Who was the profound composer of oratorios and a forerunner to the Messiah oratorio?
What important German composer composed passions with subjects relation to the Crucifixion, published a collection of his works, called the Sacred Symphonies , and composed Saul, was verfolgst du mich from Symphoniae sacrae III?
Heinrich Schutz
What composer primarily wrote for keyboard instruments and composed Toccata No. 3?
Giralamo Frescobaldi
What violinist wrote some of the earliest string music and developed string playing techniques?
Biagio Marini
What did France have during the Baroque?
Centralized monarchy and an art-supporting king
What king used music in arts to contropl people, was nicknamed “Sun King or Apollo”, employed musicians,had court ballet, established conservatories, designated musicians for the Versailles Chamber and outdoor musicians at the Versailles Stable?
Louis XIV
What flute player was an innovator in the development of wind instruments?
Jean Hotteterre
What “24 violins of the King” accompanied many performances and gave rise to the word “orchestra”?
Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi
What Italian composer got kicked out of school for making fun of faculty, established Royal Academy of Music, had serious stories that had a prologue to the King, had a plot to glorify the King, and included dramatic effects called music tragedies, developed uniform bowing for strings, died from gang green from conductor’s staff, made conductor the most important part, and composed Armide: Excerpts?
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Who was the gifted player for Louis XIV that married, continued to compose, and composed Suite in A Minor – Gigue?
Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre
Who ran England, didn’t support arts and put restrictions on them?
Oliver Cromwell
What composer composed at 9, made organs, wrote Dido and Aeneus, and was one of the 1st composers to use English music in a natural way?
Henry Purcell
What were some of Spain’s characteristics during the Baroque?
Most powerful and richest country, incorporated their music with music of conquered lands, Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco composed in New World
What is the Spanish version of music theater?
Zarzuela Song
What is it called when you take a dotted rhythm and make it faster?
Double dotting
What did Antonio Stradivari contribute to the Baroque?
Stradivarius Violin
Who was the Italian violinist who established modern violin playing, wrote varieties of sonatas, in 4 movements with his 1st concertos being concerto grossos, and composed Trio Sonata, opus 3, number 2 – allegro?
Arcangelo Corelli
What city in Italy was the center of musical activity and had 4 conservatories of music?
What Italian violinist wrote over 500 concertos, had red hair, had concertos that featured ritornello, embellished slow movements, was 1st to write programmatic music, and composed Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor – Presto?
Antonio Vivaldi
What city in France was the main center for music?
What is a series of concerts and a forerunner to artist series?
Concert Spiritual
Who was the harpsichordist that wrote a book on how to play harpsichord (L’Art de toucher le clavecin)?
Francois Couperin
Who was the very secretive organist that wrote a treatise on harmony, theories based on acousitics,said “propelled by dissonances and rests with consonance, composed a series of opera with masterpiece being Castor et Pollux?
Jean-Phillippe Rameau
What was a characteristic of Germany in the Baroque?
1st people to combine elements of other music
What flute player and composer governed Prussia?
Frederick the Great
What duchess gave money to the arts?
Anna Amalin
What were the city musicians that formed guilds (labor unions) called?
What were musicians that performed in towers called?
What composer improved the organ and composed Praeludiun in E Major?
Dietrich Buxtehude
Who was the most prolific composer in history who had over 3000 works, wrote concertos for unusual number of instruments, and composed 1st opera at 12?
Georg Phillipp Teleman
Who was the widely traveled German composer who wrote The Messiah and the 1st opera in England called Rinaldo, had a stroke and couldn’t use right arm, and composed Giulio Cesare, Act II, Scenes 1-2 and Saul – No. 68 Chorus; O fatal Consequence of Rage?
George Frederic Handel
What Academy from 1718 – 1719 increased opera music in England and was held at King’s Theater/ Haymarket and dissolved around 1729?
Royal Academy
Who was the popular castrato soloist that worked with Bach?
What are some characteristics of Handel’s operas?
Greek themes, Crusades, recitatives, number of arias depended on singers
What was the 1st lady or female headliner called?
What was Handel’s opera about Cleopatra called?
Giulio Cesare
What was a large musical orchestra performance on the river called?
What prolific composer wrote in all genres except opera, was known as an organist and had 20 kids?
Johann Sebastian Bach
What was the name of the town where Bach was first appointed organist?
What was the name of the town where Bach won the position for job for Duke where he composed most of his greatest instrumental music and best German concerto grosso of all time?
Cothen/ Court of Cothen
What town did Bach hold one of his most prestigious church jobs at St. Thomas Church where he was expected to teach music to choral students, train music of all different musical instruments, compose music, be in charge of orchestras and choirs, and be in charge of other music, such as weddings?
What is the BWV?
Cataloging system of Bach’s works
What was Bach’s composition process?
Rewrote melody in different keys and fugues, tried to incorporate his faith in his works due to his spirituality, and tried to spell “God” in his pieces
What was Bach’s most famous fugue?
Prelude and Fugue in D Minor
What is a clavier?
German word for harpsichord
What was Bach’s 1st well known keyboard collection called?
Well Tempered Clavier
What was Bach expected to do at St. Thomas?
Compose cantana
What is a 25-minute pieces based on religious story built around a chorale whose 1st movement with a contrapuntal setting of the chorale, 2nd movement had recitatives and arias, and last movement had a chorale (4-part hymn)
A Cantana
What was the name of the groups of amateur composers?
collegium musicum
What are the components of opera?
Overture, Recitative, Aria, and Chorus