What does figured bass look like?


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  I65, V63, IV, etc.



First performance of Monteverdi’s Orfao took place here




Q:  Two dances that appear as a pair.  First slow in duple meter, second fast in triple meter


A:  Pavane and Galliard


Q:  This originally meant an irregularly shaped pearl


A:  Baroque


Q:  Location of St. Mark’s



A:  Venice


Q:  This is a type of solo, accompanied, dramatic, secular.  Leading up to operatic arias.  Usually accompanied by lute. 

(Ex.  Amarilli Mia Bella — Caccini)


A:  Monody

Q:  Scholar of ancient Greece.  Found ancient manuscripts and helped Florentine Camarata

A:  Mei


Q:  Worked at St. Mark’s and wrote operas for public opera houses in Venice


A:  Monteverdi


Q:  Part of the opera where singer expresses their emotions and shows off their voice, reflecting on what happened



A:  Aria


Q:  Words of opera are called _________


A:  Libretto


Q:  He wrote Daphne and Euritichi (sorry, I don’t know how to spell that), two earliest operas.  No longer performed because we don’t have the complete score.


A:  Peri


Q:  He was put in prison for stating that the Earth revolves around the sun


A:  Galileo


Q:  System of notation used to lute or other string instruments


A:  Tablature


Q:  Known as the first great English Opera


A:  Dido and Aeneas


Q:  Musical interlude performed between acts of a serious dramatic play


A:   Intermedio (think of intermission)


Q:  Who wrote Orfeo?


A:  Monteverdi


Q:  Sign indicate the appropriate chords to be played


A:  Figured bass


Q:  In English, it means “the first practice”.  The music more important than words.


A:  Primo practica


Q:  In English, this means continuous bass.  Bass line written out, and one or more players fill in harmonies with appropriate chords.


A:  Basso Continuo


Q:  Sebastian Virdung wrote Syntagma Musicum, which described __________ .


A:  Instruments


Q:  Henry Purcell spent whole life in _________


A:  London


Q:  A camarata met here to discuss ancient Greek drama


A:  Florentine


Q:  During reign of King Louis XIV, he was the only person to write operas


A:  I missed that one.  Shit.

Q:  First woman to write opera


A:  Francesco Caccini