Music’s evolving relationship with the audience…
-Music progressed and audiences felt different
-Music for itself began to not have place in populous and went to universities
-People started listening to Jazz and Pop music which led composers to incorporate styles of both into their compositions.
American musical identity in the 20th century…
-Other countries began to develop their own style
-Americans started to cultivate an “American” style through ultramodernism where they would use new musical techniques with folk tunes, etc.
The politicization of musical style…
-Countries still kept nationalism
-Germany and the Nazi’s musical taste.
–“Degenerate” music
-Russian Propaganda
–Alexander Nevsky, social realism.
Music for society vs. music for itself
-Music for society tries to tell a story or get message to audience. Think of Britten.
–Pleasing for an audience
-Music for itself can tell a message, but has primary focus on it’s own sound and “being.” Think of Babbit.
–experimental music to further musical language.
Jazz and popular influences on the classical composition
-Audiences began listening/liking Jazz&Pop.
-Composers began to incorporate elements of both into compositions.
–William Grant with 12 Bar and Spiritual
–Ives with Pop tunes “oh dem golden…”
Use of folk music on composition…
Composers used folk music in compositions to give a voice to their nation.
-Stravinsky, Ives, Bartok
-Goes along the idea of nationalism
The rise of Jazz music
Rise of jazz can be attributed to the interest in pop music that began to take place in the early 20th century.
-African Americans playing music in chamber ensembles
-The blues, improv, jazz
-Recording technologies getting sound out to audiences
Leftist politics in American music…
Why not appeal to the masses? Music for itself is great, but why act like there is not a musical audience?
-Writing for american audience
-Explore American folk music
Music under totalitarianism…
There were limitations on the music you could write
-Positive towards social REALism and government
–use of melody, simple tonality, appropriate text
Defining modernism and limitations on labels…
Problems with identity come with labels.
-Restricting, disagreements on terms
Better idea is that music is evolving.
-Although composers write in a style, it is rare that they do this for ALL of their compositions.