Rhythm and Blues(R&B)
A combo form of black dance music that emerged during the WWII era as a fusion of blues and swing jazz elements associated with hybrid vocal styles
Rock ‘n’ Roll
1950 derivative of rhythm and blues characterized by black gospel and pop influences created for consumption by black and white teenagers.
Race Records
Music industry use through the 1940s to describe and market music produced by blacks for blacks
soul music
Gospel influence african american popular music style that began to emerge in the late 1950s and became popular during the 1960’s
New bands with fewer members produced two new genres?
Bebop and R
“Jump” Blues
characterized by a 12 bar structure,boogie boogie bass line “boogie woogie bass” “saturday night fish fry” both from louis jordan and his timpani five”
R&B style
Background harmony,emotionally charged reading,influence of gospel, ravens ,orioles(first bonafide R&B vocal Harmony group
Doo wop
Typically acappella vocal harmony group that emphasized the rhythmic delivery of a phrase consisting of vocables (syllables without meaning)
Little Richard
introduced a non-rhythmic concept to the tradition and the chop-choo beat played maybelline and tutti frutti
Tutti frutti
other bands adopted the beats from this
Racially defined distribution
practices of music industry prevented easy access to the music
the process by which a recording release in a secondary market achieves hit status in the mainstream market
record label created by berry gordy named for its original location in detroit “motor city”