Total control in music developed from the principles of _________________________ as an approach to composition.
A nonretrogradable rhythm is one in which the durations are arranged to form a(n) _________________________
Uses of unconventional methods of producing sound from the voice or orchestral instruments are generally referred to as _________________________.
extended techniques
Music composed by the manipulation of tape-recorded “live” sounds is known as _________________________.
musique concrete
A(n) _________________________ helped a composer produce serial music in an electronic studio
tape loop
John Cage was one of the leading figures in the employment of _________________________ in music
The music of the movement known as _________________________ employs a number of techniques deliberately intended to create public appeal in new music
New Romanticism
In the 1950s the style of rhythm and blues combined with country-western music to produce _________________________
rock and roll
Rock music, the tradition of Stravinsky, and the avant-garde are combined in the music of _________________________
Frank Zappa
John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman contributed to the development of the musical style of _________________________
free jazz