Who worked as a music critic and founded an independent music journal?
Robert Schumann
The Italian composers of the Romantic period developed a structure for the large solo operatic number in ____ large parts.
The “dissimilar duet” was designed to express dramatic conflict in opera by the composer _______.
Gaetano Donizetti
Eugene Scribe made his important contributions to the history of music as __________.
a librettist
Nicolo Paganini made his important contributions to the history of music as a ________.
virtuoso performer
What is a mazurka?
A type of character piece for piano based on a Polish dance. Often used by Chopin.
Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique is an example of the genre _____.
program symphony
The composer _________________________ was one of the most imaginative orchestrators of the Romantic period and even wrote a treatise on the subject.
Hector Berlioz
_________________________ stands as an abstract symbol in music of the Romantic thinker’s search for the unity in all things.
cyclic unification
The conductor _________________________ has an important place in music history for his role in reviving the works of preceding generations in his performances.
Felix Mendelssohn
Who invented the solo recital?
What were the social centers in Paris?
What were the “three types of composers” in the early 19th century?
Great artists but financially insecure, popular and financially successful, and mass market composers who are unknown today