The first thorough formulation of the theory of tonal harmony is attributed to _________________________
Jean-Philippe Rameau
To identify a triad, one has to classify a harmony not according to its sounding bass note but _________________________
The French term _________________________ describes music with such characteristics as elegance, grace, and charm
The Italian composer _________________________, a contemporary of Bach and Handel, spent most of his career in Portugal and Spain
Domenico Scarlatti
The _________________________ was an independent genre of Italian comic opera that had many of the same traits as the intermezzo
opera buffa
An important center of development of the empfindsamer Stil was _________________________
The important treatise Versuch uber die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen (Essay on the true manner of playing the keyboard) was written by _________________________
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
When the second part of a binary form reestablishes the tonic key with the material of the first part, adapted in such a way that no modulation takes place, the structure is called _________________________ binary form
In the eighteenth century the concerto was replaced as the leading genre of orchestral music by the _________________________
The famous Mannheim steamroller was actually a(n) _________________________
orchestrated crescendo