The Baroque Period was during what years?
What technique was newly used in the Baroque Period?
Contrapuntal or Counterpoint
List some things that set the Baroque style apart from the Renaissance period?
Baroque was more chaotic, detailed, elaborate materials, religious music and structures, and had different shape.
List the composers of the Baroque Period.
J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, F. Couperin, G.F. Handel, Jean-Phillip Rameau, Claudio Montiverdi, and D. Scarlatti.
How did the music change from the other periods to the Baroque Period?
instruments. string-oriented music, brass added toward end of Baroque Period.
Was Stradivarius still making instruments during the Baroque Period?
What are J.S. Bach’s dates? (birth and death)
Birth 3-21-1685
Death 7-28-1750
When did the Baroque Period end?
in 1750 when Bach died
Where were Bach’s parents when he was a child?
in a grave somewhere, dead
Who did Bach live with after his parents died and what was that person’s trade?
With his brother who was a church musician. He taught Bach his trade- how to play instruments.
What was considered to be Bach’s instrument?
the organ
Did Bach ever travel out of Germany?
Bach had ________ wives in his lifetime, and he had ______ kids with his first and _________kids with his second.
2 wives, 7 kids w/ first wife, 13 w/ second wife.
How many of Bach’s children lived to adulthood?
What did Bach do all of his life?
he was a church musician
At what age did Bach begin to compose?
Was Bach considered a child prodigy?
Bach traveled within Germany for what reasons?
to go to concerts and to take lessons
Bach was a court-appointed ________
Bach’s second wife was ___________ and together they created the tuning system and “_____________________”
Anna Magdelana, “The Well-Tempered Clavier”
Did Bach compose in counterpoint?
What types of music did Bach compose?
cantatas, oratorios, Lieder, Concertos, and string quartets
NOT opera
What was a Kappelmeister? (Bach was this)
court musician
Bach wrote over ____________ works of music.
Terraced dynamics-
layered dynamic levels within a composition.
Abrupt, different levels
one of Montiverdi’s most famuos operas is….
What were Montiverdi’s dates?
Orfeo is…
one of the earliest operas still known today
“Tu se morte” means “You are dead”
What kind of opera is it?
recitative (dialogue in an opera)
Who developed the chord structure still used today?
Jean-Phillip Rameau (1683-1764)
“The Messiah” is a work that who is famous for?
How many days did it take to create “The Messiah?”
“The Messiah” was first performed when?
8 months after its creation at a charity event where Handel directed it himself
Did Handel consider “The Messiah” to be complex?
Why didn’t Handel want to make a complex work?
because the orchestra and vocalists in Dublin weren’t nearly as good as those in England.
What were Vivaldi’s dates?
Vivaldi was from where?
What was Vivaldi’s nickname?
the red priest
Vivaldi left the ministry and became what?
a director of music at a girl’s orphanage
What instruments did Vivaldi often play?
violin and harpsichord
Why did Vivaldi write a lot of music?
Because the chorus at the orphanage was very good
Vivaldi wrote concertos, which are…
solo parts alternated with a group of instruments.
Who established the 3-movement scheme which had fast/slow/fast?
How many concertos did Vivaldi write?
over 500
What is a Grand Concerto?
work in which there is a contrast between large and small sections
Handel was a _____________ composer
Vivaldi wrote ___________ music
F. Couperin was a ___________ composer.
Handel is buried where?
in Westminster Abbey