Doctrine of Affect
When one movement depicts a single mood.
Literally “one song”solo song speech w/instrumental accompaniment
Da Capo Aria
Lyric song in ABA, ordement with second A.
Solo vocal that follows the inflection of text
large scale dramatic genre with a religious text performed by solo vocals, chorus, and orchestra-not staged or costumed.
Basso continuo
Harpsichord with bass or cello
german lutheran hymns for congressional hymns
instrumental suite
prelude, allemande, sarabande, gigue, courante
sacred or secular,one movement or more, continuo up to full orchestra.
instrumental 3 types 1)sonata de camera 2) da chiesa 3)trio sonata
recitative secco
little accompaniment
recitative accompagnato
solo vocal declamation that follows the inflections of the text, but with more accompaniment.
concerto grosso
concerto for a group of soloists with a ripieno/tutti orchestra accompaniment
short , recurring instrumental passage.
sets of variations
sets of variations based on a chord progression.
inversion, retrograde
claudio monteverdi
wrote orfeio-first opera of critical acclaim.
Florentine Camerata
florentine writers, artists musicians thought that music should heighten the emotional power of the text. Thus, the melodic style came into being, consisting of a melody that moved freely over a simple chord foundation. This camerata dicussed of this ‘New music’, or “the expressive style. They soon said this style could not only be applied to short poems but entire dramas, furthermore fostering the single most important achievement of the baroque era. Opera.