1600 1750
german mathematician said planets revoved around the sun
Italian sculptor had a shop. ecstasy of st. theresa was the most famous piece. got jealous of assitants wife and had her face cut.
the orgin of the word baroque. mean sometheing bad like a misshapen pearl. used by 18th centure writers saying that the music of the time was not as good as teh pervious music
prima prattica
first practice
second practtica
second practice
artusi controversy
artusi was a theorist of the time, looked at a piecec written by monteverdi and said no you can’t break the rules like that. monteverdi says i know the rules so i can break the rules.
treble/ bass polarity
the uppermost part and the lower most part became this.
the first opera house opened and monteverdi’s music was in high demand. means anyone who can buy a ticket can be entertained by opera.
le nuove musiche
the new music. vocal ornamentation
la gerusalame liberata
jerusalem liberated poem by tasso
1624- il combatti mento di trancerdi e clorinda
the combat btw tancred and clorinda 12th part of the tasso poem. clorinda is disguied as a man she fights tancred, she is a peagan. tancred w as a christian man who didn’t know he was firghting a woman. he killed her and she asked for baptism. the music was a madrigal but was a baroque madricgal
the narrator of the la gerusalame liberata
early baroque term, monodic style mean you emphasize the one line of the singers part in the early opera and the accompaniment are subservient to it, which meant basso continuo. singer important acc not. monteverdi changed this.
florentine camerata
learned people met in florenc italy, and discussed what was wrong with renny music. overlapping melody, not understandable. they filter out the amount ofrecessative comparted to singing. mondic style is an outgrowth from this meeting.
stile repersentative
theatre style or operatic style this is the recessative style that is in early opera. get through at lot fo text through reciting on note. then sing a tune, aria
recitative/ arie
you recite a lot of words with simple acc. then you stop and relect upon an aspect of the story in song form
cavalli and cesti
two venican composers of pera added spectacles
cavalli and cesti
two venican composers of pera added spectacles
cavalli and cesti
two venican composers of pera added spectacles
lots of stuff to enterain the audience
dues ex machina
god from a machine machines uesd in the time to add to the opera. making people fly, making a ship look like its moving
dues ex machina
god from a machine machines uesd in the time to add to the opera. making people fly, making a ship look like its moving
ground bass
the composer can havin a repetitive bass line while the singer is with a long tt and melody
basso ostinato
it term for gound bass obstinate bass
tends to be repeated harmonic pattern .
tends to be a repeated bass line. street music org that was reptative. starts with an upbeat or anacrusis continuous veriations.
concertato style
gabrielli the two choirsin a loft guy, started this and its cont in the baraoque
stile concitato
agitated or excited style sometimes with string instrument would you tremolo to get and excited style out if them
used teh agitated style in the story of tancred and clorinda
madrigali querrieree at amorosi
8th book of madrigals actual name
bel canto
used in teh 17th century to secribe the bel canto style of singing.
da capo aria
embeds itself in opera with show up in the recitative/aria, the aria will be da capo. only wrote a and b part, then put dc. , then where to finish was marked by fine or bya fermata.
bel canto
used in teh 17th century to secribe the bel canto style of singing.
cantata & sonata
17th century, contare is teh verb of contata, which is sung pice . sonore is the verb of sonata, which is a perfomed piece by an ensemble. goes to harpsichord in 17th century
org is a pice that last 10-15 mins, took place in a oratory which relates to when a priest in latin mass, oreamus, let us a pray. basically an annesx of church,fellowship hall etc
f. Neri
assc. with some of teh first musical dialogues that took place in a church oratory. couldn’t get his fix when and opera house was closed, closed during lent. he went to churches
prima donna
lead saprano
castrated male saprano
oratio lantino
means the oratorio was in latin orgn
oratio volgare
oratoria that was italian, the lang of the people
oratio volgare
oratoria that was italian, the lang of the people
most famous oratorio by carissimi
most famous oratorio by carissimi
narrator tells the story
narrator as well
most famous oratorio composer in the 17th century
H. schutz
studied in venice with gabrielli, now have german oratorio
colorful music title. musical flowers. the name of a collection of organ music
g. frescobaldi
organist in rome, collected the fioumusicale. find music functional for church music to continue the sound of the lute.
style brise
connected with the lute. broken style. the lute is such a smal instrument, composers broke up music to continue the sound of the lute
rhetorique des deiux
lute collection by goultier. rhetoric of the gods. lute music
a scarlatti
the father of the opera. famous sone who wrtoe vocal music but famous for keyboard and organ, dominico scarlatti
da capo aria
a part, b part, then beginning
continuo aria
orchestra does not play, just basso continuo, harsichord and cello may still play
sicilican folk music styled with dotted rhythm patterns suple meter and other meters
neoplitan chord
comes from naples got the name from being used in neapolitan opera flat II if you don’t remember
recitatrio secco
no orchestra unacc
recitative accompagneto
the whole orchestra plays with singer
most paid castrato in the 17th century
tyragedi lyrique
same thing as opera = french
pallet/french play
big thing in france. wagner threw in dancing when he he was performing in france so that he wouldn’t fail
l.b lully
it lived in france most of his life becomes mr. music and mr. opera unders louis the XIV. stabbed himself with teh grand baton and stabbed his food. died from blood poisoning
Jp quinault
the librettist teamed with lully to make lyric tragedy. had to honor the king in the play
Louis XIV
music was wealthy under his reign. would get up and dance with the players in the opera
French overture
created by lully everyone copied his tyle of the french overture. a part that is slow, b part is fast and fuguel
lully set teh pattern with this piece
b marcello
a musician and an author
it teatro alla moda
the theatre that is fashionable book by marcello
otverture is the english eual
it word for overture
english spells mask. this is entertainment at the court dancing poetry, solos, duets and trios
john blow
friend of purcell wrote masks and others
h. purcell
great english compoers. took minor key decending tetrachord, makes it more dramatic by descending chromatically and adds a cadence to loop back to teh top
dido and aeneas
by henry purcell contains the ground bass aria ‘dios lament
ground bass
same bass line over and over again
ground bass
same bass line over and over again
n tate
the librettist for dido and aeneas looked at the org vigil aenid and translates for the opera dido and aeneas
classic latin story of aenid
orpheus britannicus
the britannic orpheus purcell was teh britannic orpheus, lot of vocal pieces
barque organ
becomes a big deal in the 17th century after the protestant reformation lutheran curches the organ becomes a big deal
g silbermann
instrument makers bach played a silbermann organs
g silbermann
instrument makers bach played a silbermann organs
d. buxtehude
organ compoers worked in north part of germany. bach heard of his work and goes 200 miles north to hear his music for advent.
a southern german composer canon in d is famous piece
written by buxtehude, it. for to touch, a touch piece
pedal technique
buxtehude thought we should be able to play with your feel. hold out a long note and play melodies above it.
used to modulate to when you are going to have another expo usually sequential
real/ tonal answer
real is where teh intervals are the same btw the answer and teh subject. tonal answer is wheer you will change an interval to keep it in teh harmonic structure
an imiative composition fugal to some extent
the re of a hramonic pattern
the rep of a bassline
a suite of little pieces for harpsichord
diversions away from the theme in rondo form
l’art de toucher le clavecin
a book by couperin “we the french don’t play as we write” i you have conjunct eitghth notes. da dat dat at da dat
the 4 suites are
allamande courante sarabande gigue
frische klavier fruchte
book of sonatas by kuhnau
sonata de chiesa
sonata of the church would never see a dance listed as a title important in the 17th century
baroque trio sonata
how many layers does it take to perform a baroque trio sonata correctly? Answer 4 harpsichord adn bass take the same linw
solo sonata with B.C
you need three players, one soloist with basso continuo
san patroino bologna
bologna italy, had famous school of string players would have probably heard a string service every sunday.
a corelli
studied at san patronio moved to rome italy and became a great performer italian who didn’t write vocal music. kind of odd.
concerto grosso
full orchestra
corelli used the sequence passages to modulate anywhere you want to easily
new tonal system
this was when major and minor patterns finally gelled
baroque ornamentation- small melodic formulas
trills mordents, and turn that have symbols like tr ~~
baroque ornamentation- longer ornaments.
breaking down big notes into smaller notes terms- divisions, diminutions, break big notes into little notes.
baroque ornamentation- cadenza
fermata cadences, V42 fermata, 164 fermata, point was to pause and add something yourself.
fermata uses-
cadenze, extend value, end of piece, phrases of chorale
string makers
amali stradivari, guarmeri
means you keep coming back to themes in various keys
famous composer of the concerto
excelled in opera a prolific master of the italian baroque concerto
responsible for our theory calsses today and famous theoretician, developed a boko on music theory, certain principals are stilll retained today
Bach opera?
never wrote opera why was never paid to write one
after serious opera he sorta waned to the public. he turned to oratorios I.E massiah. wrote itlian opera and mad bank in london
a returning form where you recognize the main motives in any key that the composers wants
le pouplinere
house vivaldi
french opera
had to sound like lully or you wouldn’t be successful
Hippolyte et arici
tragic opera
“guerre do bouffons”
war of the buffoons a paper war over types of music and what is best
known as organist and harpsichordist and then a theorist with a book