______ is the basis for Romantic compositions, both instrumental and vocal.
What is the most important genre of Romantic Chamber music?
The Symphony
What style of Opera came out of Romantic Italy?
Opera Buffa
What style of Opera came out of France during Romanticism?
Opera Comique
Important women in Romantic music
Fanny Mendelsohn, promoted her brother. American Amy Beach. Divas in opera
Song Cycle
A collection of songs. Schummann was well known for these.
Name the 2 most famous Romantic German poets
Heine and Goethe
Same melody, differnt words
Through Composed
No repition. As in The Earl King from Schubert.
Where did Schummann spend his last years?
Asylum. He tried to jump off a bridge.
What Opera had serious historical plots, where is this style from?
France, Grande Opera
Who was Wilhelm Muller?
The poet who wrote for Schubert’s “The lovly Maid of the MIll” and “Winters Journey” Song cycles
What is “A Poet’s Love”?
A song cycle by Schumann. Poems by Heine.
INcidental Music
Consists of an overture and a series of pieces performed etween the acts of a play and during important scenes.
What is a program symphony
Multimovement orchestral work. S.A. Berlioz’s Symphony Fantastique
Smphonic Poem
Is program music for orchestra