The term Blues started in what century
Music of the black church
Soul Gospel
Who is the first popular man to record authentic southern black country music
Papa Charlie Jackson
What were jugs in the jug bands
Large ugs used as Brass instruments
Who recorded Crazy Blues
Mamie Smith
Women recorded blues for several years before men did
Where did most blues women begin their professional careers in the early days of the blues
Minstrel shows
What are the two largest cities in the mississippi delta region
Memphis and Helena, Arkansas
Which music style characteristics are common Mississippi Delta Blues
Bottleneck slide guitar, Percussive Use of guitar
The most well known style associated with bottleneck slide
Delta Blues
Important Style centers indown home country blues
Mississippi Delta, Piedmont Carolinas, Texas
What was the name of the most comonly practiced vocal group gospel style of the 1920s and 1930s
Jubilee style
As the Delta people moved into Chicago, where did the country people of Texas migrate, taking Texas style blues along?
West Coast
The term Broadway is used interchangeably with
Musical Theater
Before the rock and roll pop revolution, what was considered by the music business to be the most important quality for a successful song
Good Songwriting
Where is New York’s Broadway theatre distric
Between 42nd and 54th
Gilbert and Sulivan work fall
Staged entertainment late 1800
a pre-showing of a broadway show to investors
Dynamic Mics
Early 1930s
Market Of record industry before 1948
Race Records
Empress of the Blues
Bessie Smith
What brought many blacks to the Mississippi Delta?
Better Paying Jobs
Robert Johnson’s connection with the devil
He sold his soul for talent
BBQ Bob, Sonny Terry and Blind Willie McTell
Thomas A Dorsey Called his blues-based church music
Recorded artist like Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf
Sun Records
Harmonica style
who injected jazz riffs
T Bone Walker
Hard Gospel Style
Two lead singers trading high energy…
Five blind boys of Alabama
Hard Gospel
Steve Ray Vaughans died….
Helicopter Crash
Piano style popularized by minstrel shows
Edison’s first cylinder
First microphone invented by
Emile Berliner
First flat disc record player (78rpm)
Emile Berliner
George Gershwin famous Opera
Porgy and Bess
Irving Berlin
EL hijueputaa de 1911
Electric Recording Process