What is the Enlightenment
A period of time with emphasis on reasoning from experience and observation
Name the 4 French Philosophers
Rousseau, Montesquieu, Diderot, & Voltaire
Name the American Proponents
Benjamin Franklin & Thomas Jefferson
Name the English Proponents
John Locke & Thomas Paine
Name the German Proponent
Immanuel Kant
Sapere aude!
Dare to know!
Founded in England 1717 on humanitarian ideals of longing for universal brotherhood
Giovanni Battista Martini
wrote the History of Music
Charles Burney
Wrote A General History of Music
Johann Nicholas Forkel
Wrote the first biography of Bach
Anne Danican Philidor
Established Concerts Spirituelles at the Palace Les Tuileries
J.A. Hiller
Credited with the creation of German Singspiel
Bartolomeo Cristofori
regarded as inventor of the fortepiano
Architecture of curved arabesques
Style Galant
Short melodic phrases; Alberti bass
Empfindsamer Stil
Change of expression with appropriate shading of dynamics
Sturm und Drang
Aim of frightening, shocking, or overcoming with emotion
Classical Period
Latter 18th Century with Haydn, Mozart, & Beethoven
How many Viennese Classical Composers were born in Vienna?
Symphony Mvt.1
Sonata form
Symphony Mvt.2
Slow ABA
Symphony Mvt.3
Minuet in Trio
Symphony Mvt.4
Finale, rondo/sonata/sonata-rondo
Johann Stamitz
cres. termed Mannheim rocket
short comic interlude opera between acts of serious opera
Opera Buffa
Comic Italian Opera
Opera Comique
Comic French Opera
Ballad Opera
English Opera
Opera Seria
Serious Opera
Da Capo
Dal Segno
Johann Adolph Hasse
Most successful opera composer by mid-century