Describe the Changing Western world of the eighteenth century.
Radical Change,
French Revolution,
American Revolution,
Which city attracted instrumental performers including Geminiani and Locatelli?
Where did Vivaldi spend most of his career?
Vivaldi’s Featured Solo Instruments?
Violin, basson, cello, oboe, flute, viola, recorder, mandolin
Who performed most of Vivaldi’s music?
His students at the pieta
Discuss Vivaldi’s contributions to the concerto genre?
3-movement structure
Ritornello form
Describe the characteristics of Vivaldi’s typical ritornello form?
A reccuring theme or Ritornello which alternated with episodes which were played by one or more soloists and oftened modulated keys.
Leading composer of French Violin sonatas?
Francois Couperin
What was Couperin’s L’art de toucher le clavecin?
A book, The Art of Playing Harpsichords
What did Rameau mean by fundamental bass?
succession of roots or fundamental tones in a series of chords