Addition of music or text or both to the beginning of a pre-existing chant
Most added to Proper of the Mass
Addition of music or text or both to the END of pre-existing chant

Notker Balbulus
-Stuttering Monk of St. Gall
-Famous for sequences in “Liber Hymnorum”

Double Verse Structure
(what chant music is it associated with?)
Has to do with Sequence!
Each musical phrase sung twice to accomadate a pair of verses
Dies Irae?
1. Mass of the Dead
2. Famous 13th Century Sequence
Council of Trent
(1545-63) Clerics of this council threw out all but 5 sequences. 🙁
Hildegard of Bingen
founded her own Nunnery-Bingen
Composed 77 chants compiled in her book Symphonia
She doesn’t always stay in church modes
compositions very melismatic
“Ordo Virtutum
–80 Chant full length liturgical drama