What was the close in Medieval Paris
A gated community for men emplyed in Cathedral: canons, chaperlains, vicars, musicians, choirboys, etc.
Philip the Chancellor
(c1160-1236) Head of University of Paris, named Philip Nemours.
Wrote 700 sermons, also poet and composer, wrote some 70 compisitions: mostly motet and Conductus.
What is a conductus?
Processional pieces to convey celebrants from one spot to another within the church, as musical accompaniments to movement of characters in liturgical dramas.

1,2,3, or 4 voices. are not part of formal liturgy.

Feast of Fools
Youngest of adult clerics took charge of church. they would engage in mockery of liturgical service. New Years Day
mot-(french means word)
was polytextual, involving at least 2 Latin texts, sometimes 3 or 4
Soon, French & latin texts mixed
by 1300, about 1000 motets were created.