Arnold Schoenberg (Dates also)
1874-1951, Austrian, associated with the expressionism, atonal and 12-tone music
Alban Berg (dates also)
1885-1935, Austrian, Member of the Second Viennese School with Schoenberg and Webern, combined Mahlerian romanticism with 12-tone
Anton Webern (dates also)
1883-1945, Austrian composer and conductor, member of Second Vinnese School, student of Schoenberg, became one of the best-known proponents of the twelve-tone technique
Igor Stravinsky (dates also)
1882-1971, Russian, Considered by many to be the most influential composer of 20th century music, often conducted his own works
Bela Bartok (Dates also)
1881-1945, Hungarian, one of the founders fo ethnomusicology, composed a shit ton of atonal and ridic music.
Charles Ives (Dates also)
1875-1954, American, Widely regarded as one of the first American classical composers. workd with experimental music including polyotnality, tone clusters and quarter tones.
Paul Hindemith (Dates also)
1895-1963, German, wrote the hardest freaking music ever known by anyone.
Sergei Diaghilev
Russian art critic, patron, ballet impresario and founder of Ballets russes.
Robert Craft
American conductor and writer. Very good friends with Stravisnky, recorded a lot of his music.
Zoltan Kodaly
Hungarian composer, worked in depth with ethnomusicology, developed the hand symbols.
Benny Goodman
American jazz musician, clarinetist and band leader, known as “King of Swing.” Also a maaaad dick.
George Gershwin
American composer, wrote for broadway, popular songs, and classical songs as well.
Jerome Kern
American composer of popular music like Showboat songs.
Irving Berlin
Russian born, American living songwriter, wrote both msuci and lyrics.
Cole Porter
American composer, Kiss Me Kate, Anything Goes, lots of famous American songs
Bessie Smith
American blues singer, most popular of the 1920s and 30s, paralleled with Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Americna jazz trumpeter and singer. You know this.
duke ellington
American composer, pianist and bandleader. Regarded as one of the most influentel figures in jazz.
Count Basie
American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader and composer.
Paul Whiteman
American orchestral leader, also led a jazz-influenced dance band.
Tommy Dorsey
American jazz trombonist, trumpeter, and bandleader of the Big Band era.
Glenn Miller
American jazz musician and band leader in the swing era. One of the best selling recording artists, leading one of the best known big bands.
Max Steiner
Austrian-American composer of music for the trand film like Gone with the wind.
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Czech film scorer
Arthur Honegger
Swiss composer, born in france, known for Pacific 231, imitating the sound of a train.
Darius Milhaud
French, part of Les Six, influenced by jazz and polytonality
Darius Milhaud
French, part of Les Six, influenced by jazz and polytonality
Francis Poulenc
Part of Les Six, wrote all different genres of music.
Germaine Tailleferre
Only female member of Les Six
Jean Cocteau
Kurt Weill
German composer who wrote many works for the stage.
Carl Orff
German composer who wrote carmina burana. And that’s about it. Oh and his music ed stuff.