avoids establish a tonal center
twelve-tone method
A form of atonality based on systematic orderings of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale.
pitch-class set
one of the twelve notes of the chrmoatic scale and its enharmonic equivalents in any octave.
Everything i hate about music.
approximating the written pitches in the gliding tones of speech, while following the notated rhythm exactly
twelve-tone method
method of relating notes that are only related to one another.
a broad movement from 1910s to 1950s in which composers revived, imitated or evoked styles, genres and forms of pre-romantic music
serial music
extending the principles to serise in parameters other than pitch, such as rhythm
tone color melody, a musical technique that involves breaking up a musical line or melody out from one instrument to between several instruments. So, what I do in a cappella.
tone cluster
a musical chord comprising at least three consecutive tones in a scale.
playing in multiple keys at once. disgusting.
Col legno
playing with the wood part of the bow
multiple stops
playing notes on multiple strings at once
Sliding between notes
Bartok pizzicato
Plucking the strings
sul ponticello
to play very near the bridge
con sordino
with a mute
playing multiple tunes on top of each other
New Orleans Jazz
the leading style of jazz, centers on group variation of a given tune.
Swing music
stylish, well executed arrangements with hard driving jazz rhythms
film music (Diagetic)
music that is heard or performed by the characters themselves
film music (non-diagetic)
background music that conveys to the viewer a mood or other aspects of a scene or character
Les Six
Six french composers and artists that did stuff.
New Objectivity
Taking tonality and pretty sounds and making good music out of it. Who woulda thunk it? I hate music.