Who composed Maple Leaf Rag?
Scott Joplin
Who composed Nocturnes, No.1 Nuages? (starts with strings going up and down slowly in a 3/4 time)
Claude Debussy
Who Composed Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 No. 8 Nacht? (Starts with a low piano key and has a female vocalist)
Arnold Schoenberg
Who composed The Rite of Spring Danse des adolescentes and Dance sacrale? (Starts with harsh minor-sounding strings)
Igor Stravinsky
Who composed General William Booth Enters into Heaven? (Starts with a crunchy, dissonant piano and has a baritone voice)
Charles Ives
Who composed West End Blues (original sheet music)? (Starts with a trumpet solo and goes into a slower jazz section)
Joe “King” Oliver
Who composed Cotton Tail? (Starts with a fast big band)
Duke Ellington
Who composed Symphony No.5, Op. 47, Movement 2? (Starts out very Russian-ish)
Dmitri Shostakovich
Who composed Mathis der Maler, II – “Grablegung”? (Starts out with slow strings and sounds like it’s in two different keys at the beginning when the strings split)
Paul Hindemith
Who composed Black Angels: Thirteen Images of the Dark Land Image 4: Devil Music, Image 5: Danse macabre? (Starts out with high, squeaky strings that swell)
George Crumb
Who composed Threnody: To the Victims of Hiroshima? (Starts with held-out high pitched strings that sound like screams and sirens)
Krzysztof Penderecki
What movement that started in France was associated with Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel and the artist Claude Monet and was used to appease the senses, made music have lack of cadences and no leading tones?
Who was the first composed to experiment with impressionism, wrote a ballet with a ballet company called the Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun portrayed by Nijinsky, died from a bombing raid in WWI, and composed Nocturnes No.1, Nuages?
Claude Debussy
What were two of Claude Debussy’s famous ballets?
La Mer (The Sea) and Nuages (Clouds)
What composer born in the Basque region of France orchestrated Pictures at and Exhibition and composed Bolero?
Maurice Ravel
What was the Avant Garde movement?
Movement describing a time when performers were appalled by war and composed music that reflected the war times
What was the name of Erik Satie’s three piano compositions that shared a common theme and structure?
What was the early form of Jazz with synchronized rhythms created by Scott Joplin called?
Who was the king of ragtime who’s rags are slow and expressive, had his first piece named after the Maple Leaf Club, wrote an opera called Treemonisha describing slave and plantation life, and composed The Maple Leaf Rag?
Scott Joplin
What was the composer that was known for his atonal music, invented the 12-tone method, was interested in the expressionist movement, wrote the music theory test Harmonie Lehre, and composed Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 No. 8 Nacht?
Arnold Schoenberg
What movement interest Schoenberg and was described as “tapping into your inner being”?
What was music called that was attacked by Germans because it wasn’t of German quality?
Degenerate Music
What is music called that is half-spoken and half-sung and was used in Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire?
What is Verklarte Nacht?
Schoenberg’s piece written using his 12-tone method; means transfigured night
What is the method of using 12 random notes in different ways invented by Schoenberg called?
Serialism or 12-tone method
What was the 2nd Viennese School of Composition?
Comprised of Schoenberg’s two students Alban Berg and Anton Webern
What student of Schoenberg’s wrote lyrical style in atonal, the opera Lulu using the 12-tone method and Wozzeck in atonal using sprechstimme
Alban Berg
What student of Schoenberg’s wrote tone color melodies (1 or 2 notes that changed color) known as Klangfarben melodie?
Anton Webern
What is Klangfarben melodie?
Tone color melody created by Anton Webern that made notes change color
What Russian composer moved the the US, met Serge Diaghilev, stretched boundaries of rhythm, wrote the ballets Firebird, Petrucci, and Le Sacre du Printemps, wrote Pulcinella during his Neo-classical period, and composed The Rite to Spring Dance des adolescentes and Danse sacrale?
Igor Stravinsky
Who was the composer/music ethnologist that was concerned that native Hungarian music was being lost and recorded native gypsy music?
Bela Bartok
What concerto was commissioned for Bartok so that he could survive?
Concerto for Orchestra
Who was the “uniquely American composer” that primarily played organ, loved to write in poly-tonality, and composed General William Booth Enters into Heaven?
Charles Ives
What is is called when more than one tonality is being played at the same time? (Popular with composer Charles Ives)
What dictator of the Soviet Union was responsible for many deaths, led Soviet Union in WWII against Hitler, industrialized the nation, used scientist to alter pictures of people that he had killed, initiated different policies, such as the collection farms, and started a famine?
Josef Stalin
What is the name given for the labor camps full of political prisoners, families, and criminals?
Gulag System
What was the name of the prisoner in one of the labor camps that escaped and came to the US and wrote a novel entitles The Gulag Archipelago that described the horrors of the Gulag system?
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
What was the name of the police force established by Stalin that mirrored the SS soldiers in Germany that enabled people to go to labor camps?
How was music treated in the Soviet union?
Music was used as a propaganda tool
What Soviet composer lived in the US for a time, then returned to the Soviet Union and wrote Peter and the Wolf?
Serge Prokofiev
What Soviet composer worked in movie theaters and played piano for different scenes, wrote the opera Lady Macbeth of Mtensh District that appalled Stalin, and composed Symphony No. 5, Op. 47, Movement 2?
Dmitri Shostakovich
What was the name of the article published after Stalin saw Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtensh District and was appalled by the hidden messages within the opera?
Muddle Instead of Music
What is music called that was written for social and/or political change?
Protest music
What group of people, referred to as the “Wobblies” set the foundation for protest music, wanted better conditions for workers, and picked melodies that were common and changed the lyrics?
Industrial Workers of the World
Who wrote “This Land is Your Land”, wrote over 1000 songs, and wanted his music to target people or things that needed help?
Woody Guthrie
What was the name of the harsh drought in the Mid-US?
Dust Bowl
What ballads written by Guthrie told of the plights of the people affected by the Dust Bowl?
Dust Bowl Ballads
What were some key points of the Civil Rights Movement?
Strange fruit was performed by Billie Holiday, sit-ins were performed, We Shall Overcome became a popular tune, and Birmingham Sunday was composed
Who wrote protest songs that targeted current events and wrote “Blowin’ in the Wind”?
Bob Dylan
What was the name of the rock festival in Rural New York in which Jimi Hendrix played the Star-Spangled banner?
What American composer composed adagio for strings at 20?
Samuel Barber
What American composer studied with Schoenberg, was a mycologist, was known for using non-traditional music, invented prepared piano with his most famous piece being 4.33?
John Cage
What composer founded the American Quartet, wanted to write a sonata for each instrument and learned each instrument to do so, wrote the opera “Matthew the Painter” to criticize the Nazis, and composed Mathis der Maler, II “Grablegung”?
Paul Hindemith
What American composer composed Prairie Journal, did a ballet with Martha Graham called Appalachian Spring, had a popular song “Simple Gifts” based off a song from the Shakers?
Aaron Copeland
Who composed God Bless America and White Christmas?
Irving Berlin
What city was the center of jazz?
New Orleans
Who was the band leader that played trumpet and had Louis Armstrong in his band and composed West End Blues (original sheet music)?
Joe “King” Oliver
Who was the man who dressed in formal attire in school, wrote music to to feature well known players of the time, and composed Cotton Tail?
Duke Ellington
What is chance music called that was similar to improvisation where in the composer would provide different sounds or rolls for instruments to play?
Aleatoric Music
What composer asked performers to use their instruments differently and composed Black Angels: Thirteen Images of the Dark Land Image 4: Devil Music, Image 5: Danse Macabre?
George Crumb
What were the first experiments in electronic music called?
Musique concrete
Who was the Polish composer that composed Threnody: To the Victims of Hiroshima?
Krzysztof Penderecki
What was the name of the composition style invented by John Adams that simplified musical language by taking a small part of the music and repeating it until it morphed into something different? (trance)
What were two operas written by John Adams that used the minimalist style?
Dr. Atomic and Nixon in China